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Game Predictions: Expert picks for Giants at Patriots


Experts share their picks for the Patriots Week 6 matchup against the New York Giants.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports:

Pick: Patriots 31, Giants 10

Bill Belichick is 11-0 against rookie passers at home in his Patriots career. That will make for a tough challenge for Daniel Jones and the Giants. Belichick and his talented secondary will throw a ton of looks at the rookie and he will make mistakes. Pats take it.

Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports: Patriots

Will Brinson, CBS Sports: Patriots

Dave Richard, CBS Sports: Patriots

Jared Dubin, CBS Sports: Patriots

Andy Hart, WEEI

Pick: Patriots 27, Giants 9

The overall scoring could be down for New England, which has had issues moving the ball at times in recent weeks. Still, there is no reason to expect the game to be in question late, even in bad weather.

Ryan Dunleavy,

Pick: Patriots 38, Giants 3

What a game these two teams played. No, I'm not talking about either Super Bowl matchup decided in the final minute. What about that great preseason matchup last month decided on the final play, when Daniel Jones started but Kyle Lauletta threw the walk-off touchdown pass to Alonzo Russell? Wait ... that doesn't matter at all? Very few starters played then? The Patriots might actually be better than usual? The Giants might be playing second- and third-stringers at running back, wide receiver and tight end? Yikes.

Tadd Haislop, Sporting News

Pick: Patriots 34, Giants 13

This isn't the matchup Daniel Jones needs to reverse his downward trend after his breakout against Tampa Bay a few weeks ago. On the other hand, with the Giants unlikely to contend for anything postseason-related this year, a date with the Patriots — in Foxboro in front of a national audience, no less — is a good chance for the rookie quarterback to learn some valuable early-career lessons. Against New York's defense, Tom Brady will gladly set an example for the youngster.

Cameron DaSilva, USA Today

Pick: Patriots 34, Giants 14

This is a very lopsided matchup, especially given the Giants' injuries. Foxborough is a tough place to win, and statistics show it's borderline impossible for rookie quarterbacks.

Paul Perillo,

Pick: Patriots 33, Giants 9

Defense shuts down another overmatched offense and creates plenty of opportunities for Tom Brady & Co.

Mike Dussault,

Pick: Patriots 27, Giants 6

Between the short week, a plethora of Giants injuries and the potential for rain, all signs are pointing toward the Patriots rolling once again even if the offense isn't quite firing on all cylinders yet.

Erik Scalavino,

Pick: Patriots 18, Giants 9

This score is surprisingly low, only because of one mitigating factor: the weather. Mother Nature intends to dump heavy rains and unleash powerful winds on the Foxborough area Thursday night, which could neutralize what otherwise would have been a much bigger margin of victory for New England, which is facing a rookie QB on a short week of work. The Patriots find a way to slog through the adverse conditions while making life even more miserable for New York's Daniel Jones.

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