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GJOAT: Greatest Jersey of All Time in high demand on Cyber Monday

brady jersey wm

Tom Brady has been playing football in the NFL for 20 years, and even though two decades is a substantial time, it has not slowed demand for his memorabilia. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Tuesday that, according to a Fanatics spokesperson, Brady's jersey was the top-selling single item on the site this Cyber Monday.

Though Lamar Jackson "outsold every other athlete in total merchandise," according to Schefter, the Brady jersey was flying off the virtual shelves.

With Brady's career spanning 20 years, it is impressive that fans are still out there, pulling No. 12 jerseys for themselves or the Brady fan in their life. Thousands of babies are born every day. Surely, some of those babies will grow up to be fans of Tom Brady, so keep the jerseys coming.

You can buy a Tom Brady jersey at the Pro Shop for yourself or a loved one he needs to have the GJOAT: the greatest jersey of all time.

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