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Go behind-the-scenes of Vince Wilfork's DXL visit


Sometimes in life comfort comes first. But that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style.

We know that former Patriot Vince Wilfork has had some iconic fashion moments so there may not be a better option for a stylist when it comes to finding new threads. As part of a recent holiday visit for Destination XL, Vince shopped for options that fit his lifestyle and taste, and Patriots Lifestyle has the opportunity to take you behind the scenes.

Here are some of the highlights from the visit:

It's always about comfort

Whether he's heading onto the water for some fishing or hitting the town for a night out, Vince wants to make sure that he'll feel good in his clothes no matter what. The word "comfortable" echoed throughout the conversation he had with one of DXL's fit experts when talking about his fashion choices. No matter what occasion he dresses for, he always makes sure that he feels at ease in his clothes.

"I like anything that's comfortable, and it's dependent on what I'm doing," he said. "If I'm just hanging out lounging, I don't like nothing that's going to hug me and make me feel like I'm still playing."

He's got strong T-shirt game

We've seen from some of Vince's former teammates that they have an impressive t-shirt collection and perhaps they got some pointers from him. Back in the 2010 season, Vince rocked a yellow t-shirt with SpongeBob's faced plastered front and center.

Though he loved wearing pinstripe suits to away games, he always goes back to what will make him feel at ease. At the time he had young children who provided the inspiration for the comfortable top.

"So many people reached out to me and was laughing," he said. "I always wanted to keep it fun, but also it was comfortable. My kids loved SpongeBob."

He has something for all occasions

When Vince is ready to dress up his outfit, he reaches for one of his favorite designers, Robert Graham. For him, these shirts are, of course, comfortable, but he can also wear them on a variety of occasions and add a few options to his wardrobe.

"When I sit down, I don't want to feel like I'm being hugged by a shirt," he said. "Once I sit down, I want to feel nice and comfortable. I can move. I can reach. I can talk. I can breathe. That's what it was all about for me."

Some places he just can't shake

When Vince lived in New England during his playing days, there was one restaurant that he visited often: Luciano's. Less than a 10 minute drive from Gillette Stadium, Vince frequented the restaurant. .

"My favorite place was Luciano's to eat," he said. "Of course, my favorite place is eating and DXL. So eating and DXL got a lot of my business. Still gets a lot of my business."

He knows how to rock a statement piece

While trying on a few ensembles, Vince stepped out of his fitting room, decked out in a burgundy blazer. Not one to wear jackets, he mentioned that he would hold the blazer over his shoulder and use it more as an accessory.

"I hate to sweat and I hate being hot," he said. "So I would just rock this on the shoulder. If I was in New England, boom, I would just button it up and go about my business."

Now that you know how Vince likes to shop, be on the lookout for Vince at a DXL near you.

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