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Gronk and Brady win Year in Sports Awards

USA Today announced the results of its Year in Sports poll today and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were among the winners.

Gronk earned Best Fashion Statement for a moment of pure brilliance that took place long before he ever posed with fluffy kittens (although that really deserves some sort of award too). Last spring, Gronk showed his lighter side in a T-shirt battle with Julian Edelman.

No. 11 started it all by putting a photo of Gronk on a T-shirt. Gronk responded by sporting a muscle T with the image of Julian wearing the Gronk T-shirt. This move scored the Best Fashion Statement award, although it should be noted that Julian ended the game with a third and final shirt.

Despite the pair's back-and-forth on Facebook and Twitter during the T-shirt war, it was Tom Brady who took the title of Best Athlete on Social Media. The accolade was well earned, as TB12 has been bringing his A game on Facebook all season long. Whether it's a hilarious childhood photo or post-game celebration, Tom's page never disappoints.

In addition to being King of Social Media, Tom was part of the year's Best Viral Video, which is a PSA documenting his struggle to secure a high-five on the field.

Other winners include the Bruins' little fist-bumping fan, Liam Fitzgerald, and David Ortiz for his selfie with the President. For the complete list, check out For The Win.

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