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Gronk and Edelman to appear on 'Wahlburgers'


Burger expert Julian Edelman and one-timeTop Chef judge Rob Gronkowski are putting their food knowledgeto the test on this week's episode of "Wahlburgers."

Set to air Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on A&E, the episode sees Mark Wahlberg task big brother Paul with creating a special burger to honor the Patriots. In a preview clip, Julian and Gronk step in to offer some advice, but Paul seems hesitant about their suggestions.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft also makes an appearance in the clip, challenging Paul to make a field goal to earn the deciding vote on the burger recipe.

This is not the first time the Patriots have been part of the local reality show. Last summer, Gronk made a cameo in the season premiere, as he taught Paul about fantasy football in exchange for a cooking lesson. 



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