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Gronk hosts annual women's clinic at Gillette Stadium

On Monday might, Gronk did Football 101 as only Gronk can do.

The Patriots tight end hosted his third annual women's clinic at Gillette Stadium, combining cocktails, dancing and selfies with basic football skills instruction. 

The goal for the event was for the women to have "a good time and a good experience, and learn a little about football," he said. "It's cool to introduce some position skills like how to catch the ball and what it's like to line up on the line and what the techniques are for blocking."

In addition to the fun on the field, attendees also got to participate in a Q&A session with Gronk, who was joined by his father, brother Gordie and friends.

On Monday, Sept. 28, Rob Gronkowski hosted his third annual women's clinic at Gillette Stadium. All photos courtesy of Chris Montgomery and Long Island Image Inc. 

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