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Gronk: 'I was just shaking my booty'


After putting on quite a performance at the Patriots' victory parade on Wednesday, Rob Gronkowski spent a more subdued Friday morning in New York, where he made two big appearances on national TV.

He kicked things off at 'Today,' where he cuddled with the show's adorable yellow lab and posed for photos with the hosts before going on air to talk about the parade.

"I was just shaking my booty right there," he said when presented with a photo of him hanging out of a Duck Boat.

He also talked about the yellow Minion-like hat he wore for the festivities, explaining that someone made it for him and at the last minute he decided to put it on.

"I saw it in my house just sitting there," he said. "I just grabbed it and I was like, 'I'll wear this to the parade.'"

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Gronk then continued his morning at "Live with Kelly and Michael," where, naturally, he showed off his famous moves as the day's trivia dancer. Later, he sat down with the hosts to talk about growing up with four brothers and his mom's attempts to stop them from playing ball in the house.

"I think she gave up on all her rules because we were just so crazy growing up," he told Kelly and Michael. "We were throwing the football around the house, playing sports in the house. She was like, 'Just take it outside,' but we were always too tempted to go against what she said. I don't know why, but I think every kid does that. It was a blast growing up."

Before Gronk said goodbye, Kelly pointed out that Michael sat in the same chair as a guest on the show after he won Super Bowl XLII with the Giants, and a few years later took over for former host Regis Philbin.

So, could Gronk end up following in Michael's footsteps?

"I mean he took over for Regis, I might have to take you both over," the Patriots tight end joked as the crowd erupted into cheers. "Just make it 'The Gronk Show!'"

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