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Gronk spends special day with 'Make-A-Wish' recipients 

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Rob Gronkowski palms a football and prepares for the wind up -- just as he does after every touchdown, just as he had the day before in a win over the Jets. He brings his arm up and back down again, launching a football into the ground for a Gronk spike, but this spike is different.

It's different in that it takes place inside the team auditorium, bounces off the ceiling and lands back in his hands.

"I caught it," he said. "I've never done that before."

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It's also different because of the audience.

Four boys and their families sit in the seats and watch in amazement as they watch their favorite Patriot player in action. These guests are invited to Gillette Stadium by Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island with the same dream of meeting Gronk.

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For the day, the group explores Gillette Stadium, from the media workroom, where they field questions at the podium, to the football field they see on TV. Drake Kumlin, Matthew Strudeman, Dylan Angus and James Brietzke took selfies with Gronk, asked question after question and listened in awe.

"Too bad it's too cold out. We could be outside throwing bombs," Gronk said.

That doesn't stop him, though. From where Coach Bill Belichick typically addresses the team, Gronk tosses a pass to Matthew, and he throws it right back.

"Better arm than Brady," he said. "Another touchdown."

After the morning meeting with Gronk, the group went to lunch at Patriot Place, took photos on the Gillette Stadium field, visited the media workroom and the visitors locker room. They were treated to an ice cream sundae bar, and the day concluded with a trip to The Patriots Hall of Fame.

You can check out more from the group's visit with Gronk in the video below.

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