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Gronk talks Super Bowl after-party and 'Dancing with the Stars'


After celebrating the Patriots' Super Bowl victory in his signature style on Sunday night - lots and lots of dancing - Rob Gronkowski made a quick stop in Los Angeles before returning to Boston in time for the parade on Wednesday. 

The newly crowned Super Bowl champ was a special guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," sitting in the hot seat while the entire Gronkowski clan watched from the audience.

Gronk told Jimmy about the big game and the big party that followed, which included performances by Rick Ross and Pit Bull.

"We stayed up all night," he said, admitting he had gotten only a couple hours of sleep. "We were dancing all night. My brothers and I, just having a good time, just shuffling and everything, doing our dance moves."

With all the talk of post-game festivities, Jimmy had to ask Gronk if he'd ever consider trading his football cleats for dancing shoes and competing for the Mirror Ball Trophy on "Dancing with the Stars."

"They've been trying to get me to go on 'Dancing with the Stars' for a while," Gronk admitted. "I've been hurt a couple off-seasons but this off-season I'm healthy and maybe that might be a choice to make."

Despite getting a big cheer from the crowd, Gronk didn't seem 100 percent sure about putting his signature moves on national TV, though. (Would Gronk Spikes even be allowed in the ballroom?)

"I mean, everyone already knows my moves so I don't want to show them off too much," he told Jimmy, laughing.

During his appearance, Gronk also discussed the controversial ending to Super Bowl XLIX and indulged Jimmy by reading - in dramatic fashion - a passage from the now-famous erotic novel he inspired.

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