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Hingham hosts own Super Bowl sendoff rally on 'Patriots Way'

The Patriots Super Bowl sendoff rally at Gillette Stadium welcomed 35,000 fans on Sunday. It was a day of unbelievable fan support and speeches from Patriots captains, but just more than 25 miles away on Monday, another rally took place.

On Patriots Way in Hingham, about 40 local kids hosted a Super Bowl sendoff rally of their own with help from the police department. Decked out in their Patriots gear, the neighborhood came together to celebrate the team making it to its third straight Super Bowl.

The rally was organized by Hingham Police Department Sgt. Steven Dearth and Lyndsey Nolan, a a local real estate agent and the mother of two kids who attended the rally. They hosted a rally on the aptly named street two years ago before Super Bowl LI, and it was a hit with the neighborhood.

"They are die-hard Pats fans, wearing gear and especially living on Patriots Way. Two years ago when we did the first meeting under the sign, we had a good turn out and the kids had such a ball," Lyndsey said. "Last year, we didn't arrange a meetup. To be quite honest, I never got around to it. Of course, being superstitious I thought I better make a point to make it happen this year."

When the kids got out of school on Monday, instead of walking home and doing homework, they stopped under the Patriots Way sign, where they were greeted by Sgt. Dearth and a flatbed truck.

"They all had their Patriots gear. We met after school on Monday, and they had their gear. Some of them had signs, and we pulled a police pickup truck and that way they could climb up and there was more room to fit more kids on that," he said. "We parked at the sign. We took a great photo, and it was just a sendoff for the kids and just a memorable way for them to show their support for the team."

You can check out photos from the rally below.

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