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Houston Antwine Conference Call Transcript

Former DT Houston Antwine was named a finalist for 2010 induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Antwine spoke briefly with the media via conference call.

Q: What do you recall about your time in New England and the camaraderie and what the AFL was like at that point?

HA: It was a different thing for me and it appeared as though everybody had the same thing in mind: winning ball games. At that time we were into football and winning was the thing and everybody was working toward that, developing a team, developing a relationship with teammates and working hard.

Q: What was your reaction to the news that you've been nominated for the Patriots Hall of Fame

HA: Well, I was excited about it. I was excited about it. I knew that during my tenure with the team I gave them everything I had.

Q: I was wondering if you're a fan of the team now and do you follow them and do you have a favorite player?

HA: I'm a fan of the team, yes I am. I will always be a fan of the Patriots ball club.

Q: Is there one player that stands out for you more than others?

HA: Well, I like [Tom] Brady. I like some of the linebackers they have. They have some really good linebackers. They have good team members, actually?

Q: Is there a guy on the team now that you can see succeeding back in your day?

HA: There are a number of them. I haven't made that type of evaluation but there are a number of good ball players that could have played back in our day.

Q: What would you like people to know about your career? What would you like your lasting memory to be?

HA: I guess it's that when I was on the field I tried to do my best. In any effort that I put forward, I gave it everything that I had.

Q: Has this nomination caused you to go back in your mind and relive some of the memories you had back then?

HA: Well, I do that quite frequently. I just finished reading a book that one of the old team members suggested that I read and it brought back a lot of old memories.

Q: Do you remember what the book was?

HA: The book is Tales from the Patriots Sideline. One of the old team members, Ron Hall, came through this area awhile ago and said, 'Man, you've got to read this book,' and I read it. It's a good book. We went through a lot of stuff during that time.

Q: A year ago you were selected as an All-Anniversary team member and you had the opportunity to come back to New England to celebrate that. What was that experience like?

HA: It was amazing the improvements that the Patriots had made as far as the Patriots are concerned. They've got a new stadium now. They've got a fantastic stadium. It seems as though they are really doing things for the ball club and the players.

Q: Were you surprised at all when you found out about the nomination for the Patriots Hall of Fame?

HA: Yeah, I guess I was kind of. When I started with the patriots, I had a really fresh kind of mind and approach to the game all together. I thought that if you put forward your best - 100 percent of whatever you were supposed to be doing - you would be rewarded for it. I found out pretty quickly that most of that was not true. There was a lot of politics involved in the game and if you can get around the politics, it's a good game and there are a lot of lessons to be learned from it.

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