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How much do you know about the Patriots?

Raise your hand if you know the answers to our fun, Jeopardy-style quiz.


Last week, classic game show Jeopardy featured a category dedicated to your very own New England Patriots. While it was great to be honored on the show, the questions were no doubt easy for many fans out there. So, we came up with a few Jeopardy-style questions of our own.
Go on, test your Patriots knowledge and then let us know how you did in the comments below. (Scroll down for answer key)
1.  Briefly, it was Gillette Stadium's original name. (200 points)
2. This former quarterback is the only Patriot besides Tom Brady to throw a touchdown pass in the 2014 postseason. (400 points)
3. The Patriots have played home games in seven different venues throughout franchise history, including one 1968 game against the New York Jets in this southern location. (1000 points)
4. In 2014, this player broke the New England Patriots all-time scoring record. (200 points)
5. Tom Brady followed in the footsteps of his childhood hero Joe Montana in 2005 when he hosted this popular weekend TV show. (200 points)
6. The Patriots own a perfect 2-0 record at this venue famous for the other kind of football, where they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2009 and St. Louis Rams in 2012. (800 points)
7. This hard hitter joined Tom Brady as a member of Major League Baseball's 1995 draft class, before the two teamed up again to lead the Patriots to Super Bowl glory in 2001. (1000 points)
8. Don't try to keep up with this Patriots defensive end and his brothers, who have been referred to as America's Most Athletic Family. (400 points)
9. It's no joke, the Boston Patriots briefly adopted this team name before becoming the New England Patriots in 1971. (1000 points)
10. This three-time Super Bowl champion is the only Patriot in franchise history to be named Pro Bowl MVP. (600 points)
11. In 2012, this Patriot player was the choice to appear on a short-lived dating competition TV show. (600 points)
12. In a game against this AFC foe, the Patriots overcame a 14-point deficit, marking the greatest playoff comeback in team history. (400 points) 
13. In addition to Tom Brady, these three current players have won both a Super Bowl and NCAA National Championship. (800 points)
14. Gillette Stadium serves up about 2,000 pounds of this popular concession item at the average Patriots home game. (600 points)
15. In 1960, illustrator Phil Bissell invented Pat Patriot when he drew a cartoon depicting Boston's new football team for this local newspaper. (200 points)  
16. Five current Patriots wore scarlet during their college playing days at this east coast university. (400 points)


1. What is CMGI Field?
2. Who is Julian Edelman? (Watch the unforgettable trick play.)
3. What is Legion Field in Birmingham, Ala.?
4. Who is Stephen Gostkowski?
5. What is Saturday Night Live?
6. What is London's Wembley Stadium?
7. Who is Lawyer Milloy?
8. Who is Chandler Jones? (Check out our gallery of Patriots and their siblings.)
9. Who are the Bay State Patriots?
10. Who is Ty Law?
11. Who is Rob Gronkowski?
12. Who are the Baltimore Ravens?
13. Who are Brandon LaFell, Dont'a Hightower and Bryan Stork?   
14. What is Italian sausage?
15. What isthe Boston Globe
16. What is Rutgers University?
How many did you get right? Share your score with us in the comments.
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