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How the Patriots gave back this Thanksgiving

Lawrence Guy, Davon Godchaux, Matthew Judon, Carl Davis and the Patriots Foundation all hosted events in the community for Thanksgiving. 

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They say that real football doesn't start until after Thanksgiving. It is crunch time in the NFL as the playoff picture begins to take shape. In the midst of this intense stretch of the schedule, Patriots players still found a way to give back to the New England community.

Let's take a look at how the Patriots gave back this holiday season.

The Kraft family and the Patriots Foundation hosted its annual Thanksgiving in a Basket event at Morgan Memorial Goodwill in Boston on Wednesday night. For the 28th year, the Patriots Foundation gave away Thanksgiving dinners to families in the area. Robert Kraft, Josh Kraft, Andre Tippett, Pat Patriot and the Patriots cheerleaders were all on hand to give out the meals.

Due to COVID, the event became a drive-through, where families were able to pull up, pop their trunk and have everything they'd need for Thanksgiving put in their trunk.

Next up, the Guy Family Foundation continued an 11-year tradition with a Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday night. Since their days in Baltimore, Lawrence and Andrea Guy have served up a full Thanksgiving meal for kids and their families at local Boys and Girls Clubs. It's continued since landing in New England at the Boys and Girls Club of Orchard Park.

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This year, they served a hot dinner for kids at the Boys and Girls Club and sent them home with everything they'd need for Thanksgiving dinner for their families.

"This is a time of blessings right now, and we use our platform to give back to everybody that's in need. When you think about it, when you think about the holidays, in reality, what is it about, it's about blessing others in being blessed," Guy said. "That's what we do every single year to make sure nobody has to worry about what's on their plate for the holidays or how they're going to feed their kids. It's more about they can sit down at home and cherish it."

On top of their long-running event, the Guys also built on a new tradition. After bringing Thanksgiving meals to their "adopted" school in Connecticut last year, Lawrence and Andrea supplied students at the Martin Luther King School with all the fixings. After launching the adopt-the-school program in 2020, the Patriots Foundation adopted the Boston school this season, and the Guys were all in to give the students a great meal for their families.

It isn't just Patriots veterans getting in on the fun, either. Davon Godchaux hosted a turkey-giveaway event in Providence on Nov. 15, and though he couldn't be there himself, he and his Chauxdown Foundation brought happiness to kids at the local Boys and Girls Club.

"When you get a chance to get out in the community, give food back, give back anything, it's all smiles," he said the next day during a press conference.

Matthew Judon and Carl Davis Jr. also got in on the fun with an event of their own on Nov. 16 at a Roxbury Boys and Girls Club. They gifted 500 meals to people in the community.

"This is good to be connected with the community," Davis said. "We do a lot of work on the field, but we want to do work off of the field as well, just to be able to support the community and give back in a way. On Sundays, they support us, so this is our way of giving back to them."

You can read more about their event here.

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