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How to park in Boston, Patriots style


Parking in and around Boston can be a challenge on a regular day, and when there's been more than 100 inches of snow in one season, finding a shoveled out spot is like winning the golden ticket. But as the unwritten rule states, you don't take a spot if its keeper has left a "space saver," which can be a deck chair, trash can or anything in between.

The city's unofficial parking code has been known to cause tension, but Boston's love of sports can apparently overcome anything.

Read on for the awesome, Patriots-inspired letter one local woman left in an attempt to reclaim her spot from another driver, as posted on real estate site Housely. (For the record, it worked!)


The letter reads:

"Dear Fellow Snow Champion:

I get it! This storm is THE WORST!!! Parking is near impossible!! However, I spent HOURS shoveling this precious parking spot. Unfortunately my "forgetful" friend forgot to put my cooler back to save my spot.

(Sidenote! There are 30 beers in there – please help yourself.)

My "forgetful" friend should have run the cooler back, but pulled a Seahawk move and allowed you to pick my spot.

If I could pull a Brady and give you a truck for your troubles, I would! But all I can give you is GOOD KARMA!!!


Love always,

Have you seen other fun displays of Patriots fandom during this snowy winter? Share them with us on Twitter by using #SnowPats.


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