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Jaguars Postgame Quotes 9/27

Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley and select players comment on their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, September 27, 2015.


GB: OK, we talked to our team about, 'No one said it was going to be easy and fun, they said it was going to be hard and fun.' We saw it today, it was hard. We went through a lot of things. I think a lot of lessons can be learned from this game. Give credit to New England. I thought they played a great game. Obviously we didn't do as well as we needed to on defense. That team played with precision in all three phases. When you play against a really good team, you really see the importance of precision and we didn't play with that. I think it starts with me. I told the team, there's some things that, decisions I made that we could look at and I'll learn from that didn't help us, that put us in a couple tough positions. I think we all need to take responsibility, as well as coaches. We'll learn from this. It's not a game that we'll just push aside and move on to next week – too many lessons, too many valuable lessons from this game for us to learn. This game doesn't validate us. This outcome does not validate us. The journey validates us. This is just one part of it. We need to learn from it and continue.

Q: What decisions did you want to have back?

GB: I'm looking at the outcome and our standpoint and looking at it, 13-3 in the half, we had the ball with 1:40 left I think. We try to get a big play right there, threw an interception and it turned. That was like a 14-point swing right there really. Whether we would have got in and scored, we don't know. But I think going into the locker room at least 13-6 would have been a good thing. But we're still going to be bold. We went after it.

Q: The fake punt?

GB: The fake punt was on me. I called that. What I have to do a better job … It was communicated to have it off, the look didn't represent the look that we wanted, but it wasn't communicated throughout the front line. We ran it when it was a check to go off.

Q: Why run the fake punt anyway when you're down 37-10?

GB: I think that we needed to get going. The defense at that time had a lot of plays on the field. We had some injuries back there and we wanted to try to regroup a little bit and give them some time and it was based on a certain look. Not that we were going to get that look at all times. We had it on a couple times during the game. We didn't get the look so we punted it. It's just that time. It was a communication. We took the fake off. The look wasn't there, but we ran anyway.

Q: Did you think your program was beyond losing by this margin?

GB: I think that any team, if you don't play well and you don't make good plays and you make too many mistakes, the score can get like that against a really good team. The question is, if you don't play well and you don't play with precision in all areas, can the score get like this? Yes, in the NFL it can.

Q: How big of an impact did the injuries in the secondary have?

GB: I know Peyton Thompson played nickel for us last week. That's his job is to know both positions. Fairness to him, I thought he did a really good job going out there [with] some of our calls that we had. It's next man up mentality. He has to go out there and do some things and he did. A couple plays he hadn't seen before and he adjusted. There's a few that he didn't and they made some plays.

Q: What did they do to take away T.J. Yeldon?

GB: They did a good job knowing that we wanted to try to establish the run. The number of guys in the box, you saw a lot of eight men in the box to deter us from running.

Q: It looked like they doubled Allen Robinson early?

GB: I didn't see that.

Q: Did you see what they did to take him out of the game?

GB: I'm not sure without looking at it. It depends on what you mean by double. If you mean trail technique and a safety on the top or just Quarters or Cover-2, I saw some Cover-2, where they jammed him and a safety was over the top. But I don't know if I saw true robber-type double coverage.

Q: Many players said they looked at this as a measuring stick-type game. Do you worry with the way it turned out?

GB: No, it's still a measuring stick. Like I said, I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from this game. We talk about being precise in what we do, and we just didn't make enough plays and at critical times – in the red zone and defensively. What can I say defensively? I think they had nine drives and they scored on all nine, whether it was a field goal or not. I'm not here saying, 'You know what, if we just had a couple plays back, the outcome could have been different.' That's not the case. They're a very good team and they played extremely well. But we need to learn to play with more precision I think overall.

Q: On the illegal formation, we were told it was a wrong call and reviewable. Did you consider that?

GB: No. Yeah, it was a legal formation. I talked to the official on the side and it was a legal formation.

Q: You had over 100 yards in penalty yards. What do you attribute all the penalties to?

GB: Yeah, I know we had some defensive penalties there trying to have a little bit tighter coverage – downfield penalties. That's what we have to take a look at as part of the precision that we're talking about. The split up of offense and defense, I'm not quite sure, but we have to take a look at all that.

Q: Did you think it was too risky with Tom Brady to go after him at times?

GB: I know a lot of his big plays occurred versus pressure. In the past and what we studied him, his percentage went up, his completion percentage went up and the big plays went up. Just where we were at with our depth-wise and the different looks that we wanted to give, if they were going to drive 10, 12 plays and score, so be it. And they had some long drives. But we just couldn't keep up with him.

Q: Did they move Rob Gronkowski around in different ways than the first two games?

GB: No. We saw him pretty much all over the place – on the outside, on the inside, in the core. I thought we did a fairly decent job against him.

Q: You said earlier you don't want to push this game aside and just move on, but at some point you have to do that. Any concerns about a hangover over what happened?

GB: No, not that the way they were in the locker room. It's a great question. I think when I mean it, we'll address it again tomorrow, just like we evaluate the tape and we watch it, then once we watch it, then we'll move on. But it's not going to be a tape that, 'Hey, let's not even watch it.' We'll still go through that process.

Q: Brady appears to be on a roll, throwing almost 80 percent going back to the playoffs. What's he doing now?

GB: His poise is very good. He knows the different looks. You try to create some confusion but he knows where to go with the ball and he's got guys that make plays for him. If it is maybe a little bit misthrown, if there was one, his guys make plays for him. He's playing really well right now.

Q: Are you at all discouraged by the way today's game unfolded?

GB: Yeah, I am discouraged. You know, because of the fact that, especially in the first half, what we had going and that play, I just felt like here's a chance for us to at least going in, it's 13-6, down a touchdown, come out in the second half and that didn't take place. So that's discouraging to me. So, yeah, I think that's a fair assessment.

Q: Is that a bad throw by Blake Bortles or was Marcedes Lewis supposed to be somewhere else?

GB: I'm not sure. We talked about making good decisions and sometimes those things happen and you have to learn from it.

Q: Sergio Brown and Josh Evans, are those injuries significant?

GB: We'll find out. I'm not sure. I have not met with the trainers yet so I haven't gotten the report.

Q: You have an opportunity this week with the Colts. The division is there to be had. You could put this game behind you if you win next week. How do you expect your players to rebound for that?

GB: I think we showed that the first game. We lost the first game, we came back and showed that toughness. So, that's what we'll call on again for this coming week. Get guys back and get some good practices in. I'm not too concerned about that part of it. I'm more concerned about the lessons we can learn and then take those lessons and put them into our game and have it show up on the field.


Q: Blake, obviously the interception going into the half, what did you see?

BB: You know, trying to take a shot and put some points up on the board before half and really the last thing you can have in that situation is a turnover. Bad play, bad throw, having Marcedes [Lewis] running down with the linebacker trailing him and just missed him. It was a bad throw and that really can't happen.

Q: How conscious do you have to be when playing against this team, not only not making those mistakes, but trying to get to the half without giving them another chance?

BB: Yeah, yeah, obviously you're conscious of Tom Brady and their offense. It is a great offense, he's a great player and they have a great team overall. You know, but you're not playing as an offense, Tom Brady. You know, you're playing the New England Patriots defense. And I thought we did some good things. I thought we moved the ball, put a couple drives together. You know, obviously, the interception before the half and a couple penalties really shot us in the foot. I think, you know, I just don't think we played very well. But, I mean, I don't think this game is going to define us. I think it's how we respond to it and what we do next.

Q: Gus Bradley said that this is not a game where you guys can completely throw away, that you can learn some things from the game. So, what do you think you guys can take from this loss?

BB: You know, I think, obviously situational football, like the interception. You know, wasn't a good decision, and definitely wasn't a good throw. But, I think you learn how to play situational football in certain areas. You know there is always good teaching tape, anytime you get to play a game, no matter what the outcome of the game is. There are things to learn from and that's what we will do tomorrow. We will use tomorrow to do that and move on and get ready for next week.

Q: Two weeks ago you proved that you can regroup after a tough one. Do you expect the same thing this week?

BB: Yeah, no doubt. I think we have a good group of guys that respond well to adversity. I think there is no doubt in anybody's mind that we didn't show our best stuff today. We didn't play good, I don't think at any position. Specifically, offensively, I know I didn't play good. I think what makes it a good group of guys, what makes it a good locker room, is the ability to learn and have that short term memory and to move on.

Zane Beadles, Guard

(On the loss) 
"I've been a part of games like that before, but they never get any easier."

(On going into the next game)
"I have no doubt that we'll come back tomorrow and watch this tape and pick the few good things on the tape and build on them. We'll take the many mistakes and the things we can learn from and try to get those things corrected. The spirit and the way the guys work on this, I have every expectation that we'll come in and have a good week of practice, and we'll try to be at our best next Sunday."

Sergio Brown, Safety

(On defending Rob Gronkowski today) 
"We didn't play for the whole game, we kept messing up, mistakes. Give our kudos to the Patriots whole offense, but we just didn't do enough to stop any of that."

(On whether the team didn't execute on defense or the Patriots showed things they hadn't seen before)
"No, we just didn't really come to play today. I'm done."

Davon House, Cornerback

(On the loss) 
"We'll learn from this, and then try next week. We'll take it one week at a time. The Patriots are a really good team; that's the reason why they won the Super Bowl last year."

(On Peyton Thompson)
"He was back there playing safety and did a hell of a job. I don't know if I could have done that, making the calls back there and never ever really practicing that position at all, my hat off to him."

Allen Hurns, Wide Receiver

(On if frustrating was the right word to describe the day) 
"Yes, very. This was a tough one. You never want to go out like that. At the end of the day, you can't let one game define you."

(On whether the offense can rebound) 
"I think we can. I don't want this to be an up and down thing, I would love for us to stay consistent, but at the end of the day, this shows what we have to correct and get everyone on the same page to maximize our opportunities."

Marcedes Lewis, Tight End

(On how tough the loss was) 
"Very tough. Obviously we worked hard in practice and we wanted to have a better showing. The game was not indicative of how we practiced."

(On if they can rebound before they get to the next game)
"I think so. Part of having a little success is taking the good with the bad and now we have to show our resolve. We'll be fine."

(On if he thinks the team is further behind than he thought) 
"We'll watch the film, I don't think we are further behind, I just think it's a game of precision and they executed a lot more than we did. There was routine things we didn't take care of this game and we are going to get those things corrected."

Roy Miller III, Defensive Tackle

(On the game)
"We've got to go look at the film, take the positives, if there are [any]. I'm sure there are. We played our butts off and obviously things didn't go our way. Most important thing is that we let this go and look forward to next week."

(On facing Tom Brady)
"Yeah, like I was telling somebody else, I mean we put our pants on one leg at a time, too, and we genuinely thought we had a chance and things just didn't go our way. As a man, it's frustrating. As someone who holds himself accountable, who thinks that we have a shot at every game, it's frustrating. We have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how we can become better, get our guys healthy."

(On if the defense can play better) 
"Yeah, we've got high standards for ourselves. That just wasn't it. It wasn't close to who we want to be. But you have to give credit to the other team. Tom Brady, obviously one of the best quarterbacks to play this game. You try to go in there and think that you're going to stop them. You have all the confidence in your team. He's a great player. Like I said we have to go back to the drawing board and figure it out."

Jared Odrick, Defensive Lineman

(On the Patriots preciseness) 
"If you want to talk about preciseness, precise in terms of taking advantage of mistakes, that's the name of the game. That's what the Patriots do best is capitalize on other's mistakes. You have to be in position to be able to take care of what you do."

(On going forward)
"It's not anything we have to sell; it's something we believe because of who we are as people, what this team is made of, the type of players and personalities that we have. It's the type of leadership that we have. It's a long season and it's a process and you have to take this and learn from it. You would be doing yourself and your team a disservice if you didn't learn from your mistakes and get better from this. "

Paul Posluszny, Linebacker

(On the game) 
"It was a very tough loss. We're going to have to go back and take a look at it and see why we made all the mistakes we did. Obviously, we are playing against an elite football team and the best quarterback in the league, but we also made a ton of mistakes on our own. We'll have to take a close look at it and figure out why we did that."

(On how you keep guys moving forward after a tough loss like today)
"We're going to have to realize once we get back to Jacksonville and get back to work on Monday that we learn from this, but we have to get ready for a new opponent. Mentally, we have to be extremely tough and realize it's a long season. We got beat bad today, but it's time to move forward."

(On Rob Gronkowski getting going on the first drive) 
"We talked about having good communication and getting lined up and then the first drive of the game we don't do that. We don't get lined up and we leave an elite tight end open, which is something that cannot happen. It was just a miscommunication that we can easily fix, but there has got to be a time where we stop saying that to you guys and we make these plays happen."

Allen Robinson, Wide Receiver

(On dealing with injuries) 
"It is tough. I think the toughest thing as well is knowing just how much these guys want to be on the field. I know those guys want to be on the field so that's tough. Still, with that being the circumstance we can't make that an excuse, or let that be our excuse. We still have to go out and play well."

(On the offense)
"It was a matter of execution. Throughout the first half there were parts of the game we moved the ball well. We just have to capitalize on some opportunities. It's the NFL You have to roll your best each and every week. You have to do your best every week because you have to account for the other team playing their best."

(On if it was disappointing for the offense not to get off to a fast start) 
"We always want to start fast, so whenever we can't start as fast as possible, we can't let that determine the outcome of the game. We know sometimes in games it's going to be like that, but we have to continue to capitalize on the opportunities when we can."

(On if you have to take advantage of offensive possessions against a team like the Patriots)
"I'm sure we have to take advantage of the opportunities. We can't really stay as pressured when we are playing. We have great faith in our defense but at the end of the day we have to take the opportunities that are given to us and try to capitalize."

James Sample, Cornerback

(On his pass interference penalty) 
"I thought I was good. I just played his hands. You really have to talk to the referee on that one. I thought it was clean because I really didn't touch him until [Davon] House caught the ball. It was a tough call but you have got to live with what the referees call. I was really surprised but when I saw [the flag] on the ground I knew it was on me."

(On the game)
"They just executed really well and we just couldn't stop them. We have got to go back to the drawing board and get ready for Indy. We've got to look at the film and learn from this game and just get better from here on out."

Dan Skuta, Linebacker

(On the game) 
"I would say, it was more a matter of execution than anything. They're the Patriots, you realize they are going to play the head game and if they run one play they are going to come back to it in a different way. You just have to do a good job of identifying that situation. You can't play out of your mind when you play them, you have to be thinking and play that game with [Tom] Brady. It's difficult, they are very good."

(On being a young team)
"There is still no excuse. We have to go out there and give it our best. It doesn't matter who is old or young, nobody cares in this league. To me, it doesn't really matter."

(On the game film) 
"You don't ever bury the tape because it is out there. It is out there for life so you take a look and see what you did. Other teams are going to come back to those sort of things."

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