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James Harrison says Tom Brady is the 'ultimate teammate'

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For most of James Harrison's career, Tom Brady was a foe. The longtime Steeler joined the Patriots partway through last season, and when he got to Foxborough, he was prepared to hate his new quarterback. Actually, he wanted to hate him.

That proved to be impossible.

James sat down with the "Undisputed" crew this week and discussed his time with the Patriots, and he said he was impressed with Tom as a leader and a teammate.

"Believe me. I wanted to hate this dude with a passion. I get there, and I'm like, he's the ultimate teammate," James said.

James pointed to the massive snowstorm that hit New England during the playoffs last year as an example of Tom leading the charge for the team.

"It was a crazy blizzard, and cats are like, 'Man, we really gotta go outside,'" James said. "And Tom goes, 'Hey, stop complaining. Let's go. He takes off out there with just little sleeves and all that like it was nothing."

Despite his initial reaction of wanting to hate Tom, James said he couldn't. He even owned up to it to the GOAT himself. 

"He's getting taped, and finally, I was just like, 'You know, I wanted to hate you when I got here.' He just started laughing," he said. "You can't. You got to meet him, hang around. You can't dislike him. He's the ultimate teammate."

You catch the interview in the video below.

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