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Jason McCourty, players around NFL surprise essential workers and super fans on video call 

Jason McCourty was one of many NFL players who surprised essential workers on video calls.

An unexpected guest on a video call is the modern version of a photo bomb, but for a handful of essential workers and NFL super fans, a new square popping up mid-conversation was the surprise of a lifetime.

Under the guise of interviews for CBS Sports, essential workers, including nurses, teachers, food delivery drivers and more, shared their stories from over the last year and what their football teams mean to them. In a video shared by CBS Sports on Instagram, as people were being interviewed, players from their favorite teams popped on the call.

Dana is a Senior Program Manager with Playworks, an organization that helps schools and districts rethink recess to make it accessible for all children, and he said this past year forced his team to get creative.

"We're used to being at our schools with our kids, with our school communities, fostering safe and healthy play," he said. "Now, how do we do that in a virtual sense, right?"

It also just so happens, Dana is a huge Patriots fan. So when Jason McCourty showed up on the call, he was shocked.

"Hey! What's up, man," McCourty said. "My man, Jason," Dana greeted him back.

With kids of his own, McCourty knows just how much more effort those working in schools have put in since the pandemic began.

"This past year has been really tough, not only for yourself but teachers all across the nation," he said.

McCourty was joined by players from around the league who were giving their thanks to essential workers, including Marshawn Lynch, Deebo Samuel and Budda Baker. For some fans, their teams played a role in their weddings and other crucial life moments. Dana said being a Patriots fan is a way of life in New England.

"Being a Patriots fan is like no other. It's just in our region and it's just in our DNA," he said.

You can check out the whole video below.

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