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Jokester Tom Brady celebrates April Fools' Day on Facebook

A couple weeks ago, former Patriot Matt Light told us abouta prank he once tried to pull on Tom Brady, but this April Fools' Day, TB12 is the one pulling the pranks.

The Patriots quarterback continued his offseason of fun with a Facebook post referencing his recent day out with Michael Jordan.

Thanks to some good photo-editing work, Tom appears in a full body cast with the basketball legend's signature on it.

"Jordan's crossover is no joke!" he wrote alongside the photo. Maybe so, but the photo is definitely a joke, so have no fear, Patriots fans.

Tom's not the only player having a laugh today. Julian Edelman joked that he was joining the Red Sox, and Devin McCourty went after his twin brother Jason on their shared social media accounts. Given the twins' life-long rivalry, it's safe to say Devin is pretending to be Jason, who will no doubt get back at his brother for this prank.


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