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Julian Edelman talks lucky beard, family support

Following in Gronk's footsteps, Julian Edelman paid a visit to the New York set of "Live with Kelly and Michael" on Tuesday morning.

After being welcomed by an excited crowd and Patriots-colored confetti, JE11 sat down to discuss the first hot topic of the day: his new, clean-shaven look.

"One thing that's so different about you - Super Bowl, you had the bushy beard working," Michael was quick to point out.

"I just forgot to shave, I guess," Julian joked. "I kept it for about two and a half to three months. It was more of a superstition thing. We didn't lose ever since I had it, so I wasn't going to go in there and shave it for the Super Bowl."

While we can't say for sure if the beard brought good luck for the big game, no one can deny Julian's dedication to proving critics wrong when they said he was too small to play professional football.  

"Julian, you don't seem too small to me," joked Kelly, who measures in at 5-foot-3. "You seem just right!"

That got a big smile from the Patriots receiver, who went on to credit his father for helping him reach his goals on the football field.

"Someone asked me about my dad [after the Super Bowl], and I was like, 'Yeah, he's always had my back and he's lived his life for me,"' Julian explained. "He's the best dad in the world. He lived for his kids. He didn't have a father, he grew up at the bottom and he lived for me."

Julian also told Kelly and Michael about some of the "absurd" drills his dad used to put him through.

"He put glasses on my head, he'd have whiffle balls thrown at me, he'd have my best friend punting footballs at the top of a building – 'cause he couldn't get them high enough – so I could catch the ball with distractions."

The appearance on "Live with Kelly and Michael" is just the latest stop on Julian's post-Super Bowl tour. He and Malcolm Butler presented at Sunday night's Grammy Awards and also went to Disneyland in California just hours after winning the Lombardi Trophy. 

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