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Julian Edelman: 'Tom Brady is like a brother'


As a teenager in Northern California, Julian Edelman idolized the local boy who had gone on to become a starting quarterback in the NFL. Little did he know that someday the two would not only be teammates but also friends.  
Of course, that childhood hero is Tom Brady, whom Julian spoke about in a new interview with ESPN The Magazine. 
"He's like a big brother," Julian told the magazine when speaking of his offseason workouts with the quarterback. "He taught me everything about how to be a professional. We'd throw three times a week, then we'd go have lunch at his house, and at first it was surreal for me. Just me and Tommy, hanging out. Is this for real? But then it became just normal. I stopped being scared of him."
The article also delves into Julian's path to the NFL, with insight from his parents about his work ethic and "daredevil" ways, and talks about how he's developed his brand by using digital media in creative ways.  
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