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Junior Patriots Cheerleaders "Kudos Korner"

In addition to being active with the Junior Patriots Cheerleading program, these young ladies are also making personal contributions in their own communities, achieving goals, and enjoying success with their academic, sports and dance programs.


In addition to making co-appearances in the community with the Patriots Cheerleaders, our Junior Patriots Cheerleaders are making personal contributions in their own communities, achieving goals and enjoying success with their academic, sports and dance programs.

This has been a busy year for the 2013 Junior Patriots Cheerleaders. This talented and energetic group of young girls, ages 7 – 17, participated in three clinics with the Patriots Cheerleaders and performed for Patriots fans at Gillette Stadium during the first preseason game of 2013 as the Patriots played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on August 16. Throughout the season the junior cheerleaders partnered with the Patriots Cheerleaders, making co-appearances in the community in support of various charitable efforts. The Foxboro Founder's Day Parade, The Harvard Pilgrim Finish at the 50 event, the Harvest Festival, Winter Skate and Tree Lighting which will benefit Cradles to Crayons are some of this year's events which have taken place or are scheduled. The Junior Patriots Cheerleaders realize the importance of giving back to their communities and how, as a team and as individuals, they can make a difference. Read about their personal accomplishments below in our first submission of Junior Patriots Cheerleaders "Kudos Korner"!

Kendall Seyboth and Lauren Breitenstein
Kendall Seyboth and Lauren Breitenstein (both age 11) ran in their first ever 5K race on September 21st at the Foxboro YMCA LIVESTRONG Race. They both joined the running club at their middle school this year and wanted to try to accomplish this milestone. They successfully completed the course and tied for third place in their age group!

Marisa McKay
Marisa was asked to write about the first time she was given responsibility of taking care of something or someone, for school. These are her own words: "My older sister, Mia has Autism and has needed extra care for as long as I can remember. Her school had a talent show so my Mom and I made up the dance. I worked hard practicing with my sister. On the day of the talent show, I got dressed up in the same outfit she was wearing. I helped my sister by standing in front of her and modeled the dance."

Her parents say -Marisa has a great heart and warm spirit. She was super proud of Mia that day and was elated when the teachers at Mia's school asked if she would help during the talent show. Mia stood on a stage, with Marisa down in front of center stage, in front of 100 peers, teachers and parents. Mia watched for her sister's cue and they danced together to Selena Gomez's "Who said", and there was not a dry eye in the house! It was one of the proudest moments in our lives!

Melissa Michaud
Melissa Michaud is a member of the 2013 People to People Student Ambassador delegation that traveled to Europe this summer. She visited Ireland, Wales, England, and France. In addition to visiting landmarks and iconic monuments, she learned about the culture, history, and government of these countries, and also had an opportunity to perform community service.

Ariana Boudreau
Ariana Boudreau is 12 years old and attends the 7th grade at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School in Derry, NH. Ariana is a straight A student and is named one of the Top Ten Students at her school. Ariana's picture and her accomplishment is displayed outside the main office. She has been an active cheerleader for the past 8 years and currently cheers on the Derry Wolverines Varsity team. Ariana also cheers for her varsity middle school team the Huskies. While maintaining high honors in school she also participates in many school clubs and activities. Ariana has enjoyed cheering with the Patriot Cheerleaders for the past two years and looks forward to cheering with them next season.

In 2012 and 2013 Ariana attended the UCA All American Cheerleaders camp and was chosen as a Universal Cheerleaders Association All American Cheerleader two years in a row. She received a medal, certificate and patch, and was given the opportunity to walk in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade with the UCA All American Cheerleaders. Only the top 12 percent of cheerleaders who attend varsity camps earn the chance to march in this holiday parade.

Kristen Burnell
Kristen Burnell is a sophomore at Southeastern Regional Vocational High School and has made the varsity squad both as a freshman and a sophomore. This year she was chosen to sing the National Anthem with a fellow cheerleader for 2 games but at last Friday night's game she sang solo. Kristen has never had any vocal training and just does it for fun at home. She will be performing the next several home games and when Southeastern hosts their annual Thanksgiving Day game against South Shore Votech, Kristen will be proudly perform again. With all of her school activities, Kristen remains an A&B student.

Madison Gilmartin
Madison Gilmartin was chosen student of the month for her team at the Cooperative Middle School in Stratham, NH. Madison was nominated by her teachers for her volunteerism, willingness to always help others and being a great friend to all. Madison is in the 6th grade.

Shannon Beaupre
Shannon Beaupre will be performing at Walt Disney World in April 2014 as part of their performing arts program. She has danced under the direction of Debbie Anshewitz at Dance Impressions for the last 10 years. In the spring of 2013, Shannon was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. In addition, she received a gold Presidential award for volunteering with over 100 hours of community service this past June. Shannon also participates in competitive cheerleading, recreational basketball and performed in The Little Mermaid Jr. over the summer.

Aidyn Dunster
Aidyn Dunster is continuing her love of dance during the school year. She tried out for the Rythmn Dance Company competition hip hop team and earned a spot. Aidyn started dancing at age 3 with ballet and now hip hop and jazz are her favorites. Her favorite show on TV is SYTYCD! She is looking forward to participating in the cheerleaders charity events and the next season of the Junior Patriots Cheerleaders.

Alyssa Cloutier, Kiana Drew and Madison Esmeal
Alyssa Cloutier, Madison Esmeal and Kiana Drew took home the 1st place trophy at the Salem, NH Rams Cheerleading at the Season Premiere Cheer Competition in Derry, NH.

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