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Just call him Officer Gronk


Rob Gronkowski has been one busy man this offseason. There's a whole laundry list offun things he's done since becoming a Super Bowl champ, and the most recent accomplishment is adding 'action film star' to his resume. 

ESPN's Sam Alipour was there as Gronk, brother Dan and best buddy Robert Goon were on the set of "You Can't Have It," a low-budget murder-mystery starring Joanna Krupa, best known for being one of the Real Housewives of Miami. Gronk and his crew play detectives who investigate a disturbance at a bar. 

While some might find irony in the role given Gronk's love of a good party, he told Sam that he and his friends are never out to cause trouble.

"Thing is, we're never putting anyone in harm's way," he said. "My friends and I, we're dancing hard as heck, but it's not like we're running people over. We're never, ever looking for fights. We're just happy go-getters when we're all out together."

Fans will see that happy-go-lucky side when Gronk makes his big screen debut, playing himself alongside teammate Julian Edelman in the soon-to-be-released "Entourage" movie. 

For Sam Alipour's full story about Gronk's foray into Hollywood,


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