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Kendrick Bourne, teammates react to his first TD throw 'since high school'

Kendrick Bourne and his teammates reflect on his TD throw. 

Trick or treat? Why choose one when you can have both?

That certainly was the case when Kendrick Bourne launched a 25-yard touchdown pass to Nelson Agholor in Sunday's 54-13 win over the Jets. It was an exciting play that showcased just how the Patriots were trying to get everyone involved on offense.

While we've seen former college quarterback Jakobi Meyers sling passes on trick plays in the past, Bourne's pass was unexpected. After the game, Bourne said it's been years since he threw a pass in a game, but he was willing to get back at it to help the team.

"I think it was in high school. It was just a crazy feeling, man. Being able to be versatile like that for my team," Bourne said. "Being a threat, getting all those reverses, and stuff like that, just doing my job well, man. Setting up for other things off of what we've been showing, so it was just a dope play."

With the Patriots spreading the love around, David Andrews was asked if he might start making his case to throw a pass in a game soon. He said, in short, not to hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

"If that ever happens, we're in big trouble, guys," Andrews said.

Andrews did make it clear that while trick plays are fun to pull off, the team practices them regularly. When the call comes, everyone is ready to execute, and they did exactly that on Sunday.

"We work on these a lot, so when we do call them it's not some big thing. We put a lot of time and effort into them," he said. "It's great execution by KB and Nelly [Nelson Agholor] and big Mike [Onwenu] who had a big play to cut the defensive end right there. Everyone executed and did their job."

Quarterback Mac Jones said adding plays like this to throw off an opponent only makes the offense stronger.

"I think it just adds another variable to our offense. Josh [McDaniels] does a great job scheming up, and I'm not going to give away all of our trick plays, but I think there are good ones," Jones said. "Sometimes we run them, sometimes we don't, and it just adds like a third element to the game. KB had a nice little throw there and a good celebration."

You can watch the full play in all its glory below.

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