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Kirsch Kronicles I

Jan. 25, 2004I’m back! Well, the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl so that means the Kirsch Kronicles are back.

Jan. 25, 2004

I'm back! Well, the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl so that means the Kirsch Kronicles are back.

I'm going with Roman numerals this time to signify each day. I believe the NFL has it right – Roman numerals are a neglected form of numerical communication and we need to utilize them whenever we can. Plus, it makes things seem a lot more important.

It's Monday morning and here I am at the team hotel. Patriots Football Weekly and has its own room, a sub-section of one of the ballrooms, and the set-up is great. We'll be able to do everything we need right from here – produce the paper, Radio (2-4 Eastern every day) and put together Patriots Video News.

I was a little surprised the team left Foxboro on Sunday, I had guessed that we'd come down today but I suppose every extra day that everyone is settled gives that much more time to prepare. The buses were scheduled to leave the stadium for Logan Airport at noon but were around an hour late. Security was real tight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had their people stationed right at the stadium and everyone had to go through the checks – shoes off, belts unbuckled – the works. It's sad but that's the world we live in. I was even asked to look away and cough. Was that necessary?

The Patriots media relation relations department sent out an impromptu invitation to fans to come down and see the team off and sure enough, the cars came streaming into the parking lot. You guys are the best. It was absolutely frigid out yet there you were just to say good-bye and good luck.

Touchdown in Houston was smooth and as the buses made their way to the team hotel, we passed by Reliant Stadium. It doesn't look like your typical football stadium from the outside. It's rectangular in shape with a roof that opens in two pieces, each sliding away from each other until they both overhang the building. Since we played there earlier this season, we had the chance to check out the facility. It's a nice place (I like Gillette Stadium better, of course) that was built as much for the annual rodeo that comes to town as it was for football.

Once at the hotel the usual chaos ensued. Setting up equipment, getting credentials, finding luggage – it's amazing that things worked as well as they did considering the massive movement of people and their things. The extra week of preparation clearly helped.

That's it for now. The real action begins today.

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