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Kirsch Kronicles X: The snow day that wasn't

PFW's Fred Kirsch takes you behind the scenes in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

Tuesday was a snow day. Not for the Patriots content team but for the city of Atlanta. Temps dropped into the low 40s and it rained so the city declared martial law. OK, maybe not martial law but schools were closed and so was our workspace at the Rialto Center for the Arts and any of our custodial services. So the first order of business was getting garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels to get us through the day. It's amazing how much we used of each. Thinking of and creating content requires much food for the brain and stomach and hence, trips to the bathroom I guess.

Patriots media access was early so we had to do our radio show, Patriots Unfiltered, at 2pm. One of the downsides of doing it live on camera is that we need to be on our best visual behavior. No wolfing down a sandwich between takes, no rolling our eyes at callers when they say Belichick would be nothing without Brady – actually we can and did with that line of thinking. We also need to worry about how we look, something we obviously don't on a daily basis. I was particularly distracted when a couple emails caught my eye saying I was unzipped you know where. Now what do I do? I can't just do a reach and check. Do I look down? Do I call for a break and throw everyone for a loop? Comforted by the knowledge I was indeed wearing underwear I soldiered through. Turns out I was fully sealed up and it was probably just the angle of the camera that had some thinking, and maybe hoping.

We had our first primetime Patriots Right Now show at 7pm. It went off flawlessly and host Megan O'Brien and Andy Hart did a great job from beginning to end. Our producer back in Foxborough, Don Makson, put the show together and I have to say, it was excellent. Fast paced, informative and really entertaining. Mike Reiss of ESPN and Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports were guests. During Wetzel's segment the discussion turned to whether a loss in this Super Bowl would tarnish Tom Brady's legacy. Wetzel scoffed at the idea and made the point that in each of Brady's three losses, he and the offense left the field with the lead. I thought that was an interesting way to look at things. Besides, there's a body of work required to get to nine Super Bowls that can't be denied, win or lose.

We'll have another Patriots Unfiltered today at 11am and a Patriots Right now at 7pm.

Last night was the NFL media party, an annual Super Bowl event. This year's was held at the Georgia Aquarium. I got there pretty late and didn't get to see too much but I did walk through the whale shark area and had some sort of sea grasshopper crawl on my hand.

Wednesday is a full day. Besides Unfiltered and Right Now, we'll have access to every Patriots player and coach starting at 4pm. Check out or the Patriots app where we'll bring you that live.

Atlanta has re-opened and it's back to work!

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