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Kyle Van Noy hosts private screening of new movie for special group 

Since arriving in New England, Kyle Van Noy and his wife Marissa have made it their mission to connect with kids and young adults who have been adopted or are in the foster care system through their Van Noy Valor Foundation. They have made genuine connections and provide unique experiences, like bowling and providing coats and Christmas trees to families in need.

On Nov. 9, about 100 teenagers got to see their own experience reflected in a movie with an advanced screening of "Instant Family," a comedy about a couple who leaps into the world of foster care adoption. It stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne and will premiere on Nov. 13.

Kyle and Marissa were able to invite teenagers through Wonderfund of Massachusetts.

"People reached out and thought it would be a good idea because of my foundation," Kyle said before the event. "It's going to be a fun time. It's going to be exciting, and I think it's going to hopefully put a smile on their faces as well."

The foster care and adoption system isn't something that is often portrayed on screen, and "Instant Family" is a chance for kids, like those at Kyle's screening, to see a familiar journey played out in a movie and for others to learn from it, as well.

"It's another way to bring light to it. It's kind of got a weird connotation to it, foster care. People, for whatever reason, have a different mindset about it, but it's a blessing," Kyle said. "Good things can come from it, and I'm excited for a good movie to come out and bring light to it."

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