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Kyle Van Noy picks special duo for unique game day experience

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Malik Pruit's kick before the Patriots took on the Vikings hit off the goal post, but it didn't matter. As he watched Dylan DiBlasio's field goal attempt sail through the uprights, they both went nuts.

Malik, who is in the foster care system, and Dylan, who works for the Department of Children and Families, were selected by Kyle Van Noy to represent his Van Noy Valor Foundation in a pregame experience. In partnership with Ocean Spray, Kyle was able to give Malik and Dylan a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and they were pumped.

"I had to process it," Malik said. "I'm going to be kicking a field goal at Gillette Stadium. I don't know. It was a shock more than anything else."

Before they took the field, both Malik and Dylan admitted they hadn't practiced their technique. They were there for the fun of it.

"We've been messing around with each other a little bit to [bet] if someone falls down," Dylan said. "We haven't talked about it yet, but I'm thinking push ups or something."

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"You sure? You're kind of old," Malik joked.

Despite the kidding, Dylan made his kick, and neither of them fell. Ultimately, it was a success, and the day was made even sweeter knowing Kyle understand Malik's experience and shows appreciation for Dylan's work.

"It's definitely a big thing, especially because I think the work that Dylan does definitely goes under the radar sometimes," Malik said. "Definitely to be chosen by someone of Van Noy's stature, that's huge."

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