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Kyle Van Noy stops Human Error in new Mimecast commercial


Well, we can add one more thing to Kyle Van Noy's resume: actor.

We all know him as a linebacker and as someone who gives to those in need, and now the 27-year-old has landed a spot in a Mimecast commercial, helping to protect Gillette Stadium from human error.

Mimecast is company specializing in email and information security. In the commercial, Human Error stands the field of Gillette Stadium, dressed in a tattered robe, pajama pants and shirt that says "human error." Bending into his best three-point stance, he calls out the plays: "Click on it. Click it. Click, click."

He picks up the ball drops back for a deep pass and meets himself on the other side of the field where he makes a remarkable catch. Before he can make it to the end zone, he's tackled and he drops to the ground. Looking down on him stands Kyle who reminds him that it is his house.

Commercials like these remind us not to open "phishy" emails and to keep spam out of our own houses. We'd like to think that Kyle did a pretty good job of stopping Human Error from taking over Gillette Stadium.

Be on the lookout for the Mimecast commercial or check out the video below.

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