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Marcus Cannon surprises fan with random act of kindness

James Develin, FB

Marcus Cannon is a big man with a big heart.

On Valentine's Day – and coincidentally during Random Acts of Kindness Week – the Patriots tackle made a special visit to a Cambridge hardware store to surprise long-time Patriots fan Sam Macasay at work.

Marcus made the trip to return Sam's replica Lombardi Trophy, which he had held up at the Patriots parade on February 4. Standing in the crowd, Sam handed it to Marcus, but as the rally moved down the road, he was soon too far away to get it back.

When Sam got in touch via Twitter, Marcus agreed to mail him the trophy. But the Super Bowl champ actually had something better up his sleeve.

"One day I came into work and the trophy was on the counter," Sam recalled. "I asked my friend where it came from and out comes Marcus Cannon. It was crazy. I couldn't believe he was there."

Not only did Marcus pay Sam a visit to return the trophy in person, but he also brought a very special gift: his Super Bowl Media Day jacket.

"It's huge," Sam said. "It's 4XL, but on the real cold days I can wear two jackets and put that over it. I've worn it every day since."


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