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Matthew Slater, Brian Hoyer speak to on-going conversations about racism

Matthew Slater and Brian Hoyer both spoke about the on-going conversations about racism. 

Matthew Slater and Brian Hoyer are the latest Patriots to weigh in on the on-going conversations about racism in this country as athletes across leagues continue to speak up.

After months of protests and conversations about racism, Slater and Hoyer both said as a team, they've talked in-depth about the state of the world.

"We're human beings, we look at situations, we see people hurting. We see our people, Black people, hurting, and your heart breaks, certainly," Slater said. "You feel empathy and you're able to identify with those feelings, it's really hard to explain at all, but we're trying to navigate it day by day."

As a white man, Hoyer said he has listened to his Black teammates explain what they've been through, from explaining to their children how to behave around police officers to blatant discrimination.

"When we talked the other day and you hear those guys speak, I don't know how anybody can sit there and hear the cries from the Black community and not say, 'We're with you,'" Hoyer said. "I know we have a unique perspective being football players and interacting with guys of different color, race, religion, whatever it might be on any day, and I always look at how fortunate we are to get to come together as one and see that we all have differences, and that's ok, that we embrace people's differences."

Slater said these conversations offer a chance for teammates to understand each other better on a fundamental level.

"It's been a time for our team to really come together and grow as we learn from one another about each other's experiences growing up and about each other's experiences in America," Slater said. "I think that has been very meaningful and powerful for our team when you consider what we're trying to accomplish here and that is bringing a group of individuals together to become one."

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