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Meet Chase Winovich, the 'biggest personality in the Draft'

Get to know Chase Winovich, the vibrant defensive end out of Michigan. 

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When it comes the Patriots 2019 draft class, there is a lot to learn. There are college stats, Combine numbers and more, but there is also much to learn about who each guy is away from the football field. Each draft pick has a distinct personality and passions, and that is certainly the case for Chase Winovich, the Patriots 77th overall pick out of Michigan.

Before the Draft, Chase served as a correspondent for "Good Morning Football," and the crew dubbed him the biggest personality of the Draft. That title is certainly earned.

There's the time he ate a live fish for $20.

"I think I was in like fifth or sixth grade and I was real into Bear Grylls at the time," he told Patriots media in a conference call. "Twenty dollars at that point in my life was a lot of money, so I did it. I think today I would have made a little more than $20."

There's the time he dated Madonna's daughter. Or the time he befriended Connor McGregor.

Chase is more than a goofball, however. During his time at Michigan, Chase worked closely with The ChadTough Foundation. The foundation raises money to research pediatric brain cancer with an emphasis on Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma in honor of Chad Carr, who was diagnosed with DIPG in 2014 and passed away in 2015. Chase set out to raise $15,000 for The ChadTough Foundation, and if he reached his goal, he was going to dye his hair orange for the Outback Bowl.

Not only did he hit that goal, he beat it. By a lot. Chase raised more than $200,000.

"I have a vision for making millions for some charity. I want to give back more than just a few hundred thousand. I want to have a real impact on society, and a positive one at that," Chase told ESPN. "I feel like I've laid the groundwork and that's why this process is so exciting for me. I feel like I had kind of a playground where I can experiment and learn about myself in this new role. And I'm studying almost like in the game, like how people treat me versus how they did and what kind of things, just kind of connections and leverages that you can kind of acquire."

In every aspect of his life, it seems, Chase is all in. He is an ultimate competitor, from the football field to the arcade, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. He told the Patriots media that he's gotten into yoga and has a background in boxing and jiu jitsu. In 2017, he took ballet to work on his agility.

"I'm willing to do what other people aren't. Maybe they're embarrassed or don't have the resources, but this winter I took a ballet class," Winovich told the Dayton Daily News. "Probably took 20 or so lessons with an instructor down the street, which I think helped me agility-wise and with balance."

Family is important to Chase, who had an awesome showing when he got the phone call from the Patriots Friday night. Before being drafted, he told Detroit News that once he got to the NFL, he wanted to get a new car for his mom, who often drove from Pittsburgh to Michigan for his games. The computer system in her car broke, and she can longer listen to music in the car.

""So the past year I've always been motivated by that, just seeing her face," Chase said to the Detroit News. "That's something I plan on doing as my purchase. After that, my brother [Peter, a financial advisor] will be handling all my money."

From charity work to family gifts, Patriots Nation should be excited to welcome Chase.

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