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Meet Dr. Debra Foschi


I believe that health comes from within; what we eat is eventually what we wear on the outside and dictates how we perform physically, emotionally and intellectually. Health shows as luster in our hair, glow in our skin and brightness in our eyes. Sanguine lips and gums, an energetic attitude and authentic smile are products of a healthy mind and body. Treating ourselves well with food and challenging our bodies and minds keeps us fit on many levels. This is something I learned long ago, growing up in a make-it-from-scratch household where there was not a microwave in sight!

Today, I'm a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, with an MS and Diplomate in the field. I regularly help patients facing weight loss challenges as well as chronic illness. I am also thrilled to be the four-time exclusive nutritionist for the New England Patriots Cheerleaders, helping the women achieve maximum efficiency in their busy lives and keeping them on a healthy track.

The Patriots Cheerleaders are a focused bunch of ladies. Their questions to me range from how their hair (have you seen the whip?!) and nails can be stronger, to what healthy alternatives to coffee they can consume.

I evaluate them for body fat and lean body mass or muscle (and believe me, they are sporting plenty of this stuff!). I check out their cravings and diets. They present me with their nutrition challenges; you would be surprised to learn that they have much in common with you!

The women's schedules are uniquely busy, so I must devise a spot-on program that fits into their lifestyle and timeframe.

In addition to my work as a nutritionist, I have been an Applied Kinesiologist Chiropractor for over 21 years. What exactly does that mean? Well, to put it simply, using AK, I test the body's muscle systems to see that they are all working up to par. When I find one or a group that's not pulling its full load, I do manual muscle work. For example, I might adjust a joint level where the nerve supply comes from, and then I recheck my work to make sure I get the full strength that I'm after. AK is a tool that requires extensive training and certification beyond chiropractic education. Recently I was able to put my skills to the test at the finish line emergency medical tent of the Falmouth Road Race.

In my spare time, I love to ballroom dance as well as train for marathons and triathlons, hoping that one day I'll be fast enough to catch my three children and dog!

Have a health or nutrition question for me that you'd like to see answered here? Send it to

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