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Meet the newest Patriots: Josh Uche, Anfernee Jennings, Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene

The second night of the draft sure was a busy one for the Patriots. 

It was a busy evening for the Patriots on the second night of the NFL draft. After picking Kyle Dugger with the 37th pick, the Patriots added four more guys: Josh Uche out of Michigan, Anfernee Jennings from Alabama, Devin Asiasi out of UCLA, and Dalton Keene from Virginia Tech.

Let's meet the newest members of the New England Patriots.

Uche joins the Patriots from Michigan, where he was once teammates with Chase Winovich, and according to his Twitter, he roomed with Asiasi before the tight end transferred from Michigan to UCLA.

Though Uche grew up in Miami, his family immigrated from Nigeria, and in an interview with ahead of the draft, Uche said his household was more committed to soccer and basketball than football. Still, he found the game and latched onto stars like Sean Taylor and Reggie Bush.

According to, when he began playing Pop Warner and wanted to quit because he wasn't very good, he said, it was ultimately his father that "toughened him up" and taught him to persevere. That mindset helped years later when Uche wasn't getting the playing time he wanted at Michigan, and in 2019, his teammates voted him the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year.

Uche doubled down on that again in his first phone call with New England media.

"I would say [New England] is a good fit for me because I'm a hard-[expletive] worker and the Patriots work their [expletive] off, so that's first and foremost," he said bluntly.

Next up for the Patriots was Anfernee Jennings, a linebacker out of Alabama, and the fact that he is still playing football after a horrible injury sustained in 2018 is a feat all in its own.

In 2018, Jenning took an accidental hit from a teammate late in a game against Clemson. He was pulled from the game in what was considered a serious, but fairly normal, injury. After scrolling on Twitter, according to an article on Yahoo! Sports, Jennings saw a concerning picture of himself and the hit from a follower and sent it to the team's trainer.

Soon, Jennings was being rushed to the hospital with artery damage and blood clots, and doctors had to work to save his leg.

Ultimately, Jennings had successful surgery and went on to play two more seasons.

His time at college proved to be a transformative time off the field, as well. Jennings earned two degrees during his time at Alabama -- Bachelors in both human performance exercise science and public health. And in 2019, he welcomed his first child, a son.

Though Asiasi left Michigan, he found solace in UCLA, a school much closer to home, and for him, it was about much more than football. Asiasi is the first of his family to attend college, according to Bleacher Report.

"God willing, I'll make it to the NFL and make all of that money, but for me, it's all about getting my education and going to college," he said in 2015. "Football is going to provide opportunities and open doors for me. I'll get my degree, get a great job and take care of my family."

When Asiasi transferred to UCLA, he was reunited with one of his best friends, Boss Tagaloa. The pair played together at De La Salle High School in Concord, Calif., and both have talked about their proud Polynesian roots.

The final Patriots pick of the night was for Keene out of Virginia Tech, and when it came to committing to a college program, Keene's decision was relatively easy.

According to a 2016 article on The Key Play, Keene has deep connections to former Virginia Tech defensive line coach Charley Wiles and former defensive coordinator Bud Foster.

"I've known two of the coaches, Charlie Wiles and Bud Foster, since I was a baby," Keene said at the time. "They're kind of like family to me. They make Blacksburg feel like home, and I've always grown up liking Virginia Tech, so that was a big part of it.

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While at Virginia Tech, Keene earned a reputation of being a monster in the weight room, and his teammates even dubbed him "Rambo" because of it, according to Sports Illustrated.

With five picks under the Patriots belt, it's certainly already been an eventful weekend, but with one final day left, we will have to wait and see who else joins the ranks in New England.

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