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Meet the Patriots undrafted rookie free agents

Get to know the new Patriots.

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In addition to 10 draft picks, the Patriots have signed 15 undrafted rookie free agents. Let's get to know the newest Patriots players.

Rashod Berry joins the Patriots as a tight end out of Ohio State, but that wasn't the only position he played. As a Buckeye, Berry played a few snaps as a defensive end, as well. While there, he was part of three Big 10 championship teams: 2016 Fiesta Bowl, 2017 Cotton Bowl, and the 2019 Rose Bowl.

Berry earned a degree in consumer and family finance, and in an article on, he said that is his greatest achievement thus far. He wanted to make those in his hometown of Lorain, Ohio, proud.

"I just wanted to make a lot of people proud, even myself proud," he said. "Because a degree can't be taken away from you once you've got it. I feel it was well-deserved and a lot of hard work was put into that."

During a Fox Sports Broadcast, when asked what teammate they would put in the octagon, multiple people chose Berry, so take that for what you will.

Myles Bryant is a defensive back out of Washington, and though he was on the other side of the 2019 Rose Bowl, the game itself has always meant a great deal to him. Bryant grew up in Pasadena, Calif., and was born just one day after the game in 1998. While in high school, he and his teammates would sell programs outside the stadium as a fundraiser and attended about half a dozen, and then years later, he would play in the Rose Bowl, the day before turning 21.

"It's wonderful to be able to go back to where I started playing football and get the opportunity to play in The Granddaddy of Them All," he said.

Bryant joined the Huskies as a walk-on, and ultimately, he turned into one of the team's leaders on defense.

Tight end Jake Burt doesn't need to travel far to get to Foxboro. Burt attended Boston College and grew up in Lynnfield, Mass. Of course, this means he grew up cheering for the hometown team.

He isn't the only athlete in his family, either. His brother Declan is a tight end at Bowling Green State University.

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Defensive end Nick Coe comes to the Patriots from Auburn, and though football is what he chose to pursue at the collegiate level, Coe had options. In high school, Coe was a talented wrestler, and ended his wrestling career a two-time North Carolina state champion. His athleticism was noted by his position coach at Auburn, Rodney Garner, who called his physicality on par with a "Greek God."

Next up is De'Jon Harris, a linebacker out of Arkansas. In high school, he was known to do it all. Now a linebacker, Harris took snaps at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, punter, punt returner, and more. He did it all when it was needed.

According to the Arkansas athletics page, Harris's mother gave him the nickname "Scoota" when he was a kid, and it's a nickname that still is hanging on.

"My mom said that before I started walking, I was scooting around everywhere," Harris said in a 2016 article. "She called me Scoota, and it stuck."

Will Hastings is a wide receiver from Auburn, and he comes to New England, reuniting with his former quarterback, Jarrett Stidham. Though Hastings finished his Tiger career as a receiver, he initially walked onto the team as a kicker, and he earned a scholarship before his junior year.

Off the field, Hastings is recently engaged. He proposed to his now-fiancée in the summer of 2019, and together they have a pretty cute pup as well.

There isn't just one Brian from Michigan State in the Patriots quarterback room anymore. Now, there's two. In addition to Brian Hoyer, the Patriots signed former Spartan Brian Lewerke.

While at MSU, the Lewerke's parents racked up travel miles to see their son play, despite living in Arizona, and a 2018 article chronicles the Spartans playing in Arizona. It was a special chance for his extended family and his friends to see him play close to him.

Next, the Patriots signed Bill Murray. No, not that one.

Murray is a defensive lineman out of William and Mary College, and he is an avid travel. As of 2018, he had visited at least 26 countries and six of the seven continents with just Antartica left to visit. Murray's family has always been interested in traveling, and with his sister living abroad for a few years, it gave them an excuse to keep it up.

In addition to football, Murray loves skiing, but while maintaining his scholarship and in pursuit of a professional career, he hasn't been hitting the slopes as much to avoid injury. According to the school's athletics page, Murray is also an Eagle Scout.

Sean Riley Jr., a wide receiver out of Syracuse, grew up in L.A., and when he's not playing football, he's got another compelling hobby. Riley worked as a D.J., and according to an a story, Riley isn't just throwing on a playlist. He learned from some of the best.

His longtime friend, Donte Samuel, said his friend has talent, and he should know. Larrance "Rance" Dopson, a four-time Grammy winner who founded 1500 or Nothin', happens to be Samuel's uncle. His grandfather, "Pops" Lawrence Dopson, worked with musicians like The Temptations and Earth, Wind, and Fire over a 50-year career, so Riley learned quite a bit from his friend's family.

Riley also isn't alone in his pursuit of the NFL. His father, Sean Riley Sr., spent time with the Giants, and despite never playing a snap the NFL, he made a name a name for himself in the AFL.

J'Mar Smith joins the Patriots as a quarterback out of Louisiana Tech, and this isn't the first time a Smith will be in the Patriots locker room. Kenny Smith was drafted by the Saints in 2001 as a defensive end, and he played in New Orleans through the 2003 season. After being placed on injured reserved in 2004, Smith bounced around the league for the remainder of his career, including a stop in Foxborough in 2007 and 2008.

Football isn't the only sport at which J'Mar excels. Out of high school, he was drafted by the San Diego Padres as a catcher. He elected to go attend college and pursue football instead.

JJ Taylor is a running back out of Arizona, but in high school, he started his career as a defensive back, according to The Athletic, because that's where he was needed the most.

His competitive style can be attributed to his family back home. With five siblings, Taylor falls in the middle and had to fight to keep up with his older brothers.

"It was fun," Taylor said. "My two older brothers were athletes just like (me). Being able to compete with them was my biggest accomplishment. Andrey was my size for the longest time, and Andrew was like a bully – played like a big man. He was my size now back then, and I always had trouble trying to get past him and beat him."

Kyahva Tezino comes to Foxborough from San Diego State, and while he plays linebacker exclusively, in high school, Tezino played both offense and defense. In addition to linebacker, he started at running back, scoring 13 touchdowns.

In December, Tezino became the first person in his family to graduate from college, according to an article from last year, and even as he pursues his dream of playing in the NFL, he intends to give back to his neighborhood. Being raised by a single mother, there were tough times growing up, but through it all, Tezino had a generous spirit, his mother, Kelly said.

"When Kyahva had friends in high school who were having a tough time, he was always the one motivating them. He kept telling them never to give up," she said. "There was a time when he was in junior high school when one of his friends didn't have food to eat. Kyahva only had about $5 in his pocket, but he bought his friend some food. He's always giving, and that's something I've always tried to teach my kids: Don't just be for yourself. If you see someone on the street who's hungry, and you have something to give, give it to them, even if it's just a bottle of water. Don't just be for yourself."

Jeff Thomas joins the Patriots from the University of Miami, and the wideout lives up to his Twitter handle. "ThereGoes4" means the man is fast. He clocked in at 4.5 at the NFL Combine, but at The Opening in 2016, he came in at 4.38. He walked away with "the fastest man" honors at The Opening.

Courtney Wallace Jr. joins former teammate J'Mar Smith in New England from Louisiana Tech. By choosing Louisiana Tech, Wallace stayed close to his native Monroe, La., just more than a 30-minute drive from campus.

As it turns out, the school is in the family. Wallace's' father, Courtney Wallace Sr., played nose guard at Louisiana Tech from 1985 to 1988.

The final undrafted rookie free agent signing for the Patriots is Isaiah Zuber out of Mississippi State. Though he spent his final year of eligibility with Mississippi State, Zuber spent the first three years of his collegiate career at Kansas State, where he graduated with a degree in sociology/criminology. At Mississippi State, he began pursuing a master's degree in workforce education leadership.

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