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Michael Strahan rocks Patriots hat during Robert Kraft's 'Good Morning America' visit

Robert Kraft stopped by "Good Morning America" for an interview and brought a gift for the Giants legend. 

Patriots fans were in for quite the sight this morning: a Giant in Patriots gear.

When Robert Kraft swung by "Good Morning America" for an interview with Giants legend Michael Strahan, he took the chance to give him some new swag. Though Mr. Kraft joked that Michael "took two [Super Bowls] from" the Patriots, he was able to get Michael in a brand new Patriots AFC Champions hat.

Michael, to his credit, was a good sport and rocked it.

Before adding the hat to his collection, Michael spoke with Mr. Kraft about the team's success, his relationship with Tom Brady and his 25th anniversary of buying the team.

"In anything in life, the key is to getting good people around you and creating a good culture where everyone is open to disagree but keep it in the family, which is hard sometimes especially in a business that is so public," Mr. Kraft said about the Patriots continued success. "Once you have good people, the trick is to try to have continuity."

That continuity is in large part due to Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and when asked if there was something people might not know about Tom, he had a heartwarming answer.

"He is still the same guy that he was when he came out of Michigan and I met him, that skinny beanpole coming down the steps with that great physique that you speak about. He is the nicest person, genuine. He is the same person today as he was when he was fourth on the depth chart back there in 2000," Mr. Kraft said. "I mean when my wife of blessed memory passed away almost eight years ago, he was there for me in a way only my sons were, the guys in the locker room were. He cares and he connects, and I think he's able to do that in the huddle even with guys who half his age. They see how hard he works and what he does and how genuine he is and how he's selfless and puts team first and I think that really spreads."

You can check out the rest of the interview in the video below.

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