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MNF Preview: Matthew Judon takes dances lessons with his daughter

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It didn't take long for Matthew Judon to establish himself in New England. He has 11.5 sacks, a signature celebration that is catching on throughout the region and a charismatic personality (even if he has some questionable food opinions).

During the Patriots Monday Night Football matchup against the Bills, fans will get to see another side to Matthew. While he was in Baltimore, Matthew taking dance lessons with his daughter, Aniyah, became a viral sensation. Both he and Aniyah sat down with ESPN's Michelle Beisner-Buck to talk about what dancing means to them and even take a tap lesson at Elite Dance Center in Foxborough.

"This moment here, it's just kind of just displaying what we do at home. We always have fun," he said after filming the segment. "We like to challenge each other, her more than me. It's just displaying to the whole world what we do as a family and how our relationship is."

During the lockdowns in 2020, Judon and his daughter took to TikTok to entertain themselves and have fun. Judon's wife, BreighAnn, helped them learn trends, and Matthew joked that he was only the "talent," showing up to film and letting BreighAnn handle post-production. On Monday night, viewers will see Matthew and Aniyah learn a tap routine.

While they have experience doing TikTok dances, Matthew has previously only taken one formal dance class with his daughter. He said he used YouTube to practice at home, but it was for fun more than anything. With a whole camera crew following along, there was a bit more pressure to perform and nail his moves, but Matthew took it all in stride.

"It's different, and I'm not perfect at it yet. I kind of see my flaws, but we are human beings and I'm just getting better at something," he said. "One day I'm gonna be dancing, and I'm gonna look like Sammy Davis Jr."

You can check out the full segment, as well as Matthew and Aniyah's tap dance routine during the Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN.

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