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News Blitz 1/19: Digging into Denver

A roundup of Patriots news.

The Boston Herald leads us off this Tuesday with a detailed look at the differences between the Patriots and Broncos today versus when they met eight weeks ago at Mile High.

The *Herald *also analyzes QB Tom Brady's road playoff performances over his career.

The Boston Globe also does a comparative analysis of this Patriots-Broncos matchup versus the November one.

A column declares that Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Denver are history.

"I think [Broncos backup QB] Brock Osweiler," the writer states, "has a better chance of beating New England than Manning. Peyton getting the start plays right into Bill Belichick's hands."

Meanwhile, an ESPN blog post examines the many close games Denver has played in and won this season, giving them confidence going into this AFC Championship Game.

The* Denver Post* offers a capsule look at the Patriots.

On a lighthearted note, Brady and WR Julian Edelman take some playful jabs at one another via their Facebook pages, as points out.

*The Providence Journal *also gets creative with some Nationwide-like lyrics for faux Manning commercials.

The ProJo ends off with an editorial about how Brady-Manning XVII was meant to be.

"Two young quarterbacks beginning their careers just two years apart, back when they were both young, their NFL careers blank canvasses," writes the author. "Now this could be the last dance, at least on this kind of stage."

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