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News Blitz 2/9: Jimmy G & TB12

A roundup of Patriots news

In case you haven't already heard, former Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo signed a whopper of a contract with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday, as The Boston Globe details.

Later in the day, the Boston Herald published a story claiming Tom Brady, the man Garoppolo used to back up, was threatening to boycott New England's offseason training program unless he was given a pay hike to match Jimmy G's. The *Herald *has since removed that story from its website, although it remains in the paper's print version today.

That action came after unequivocally refuted the Herald report, calling it an "off the reservation" claim. Then, this morning, WEEI asserted that the Brady story was the product of a hoax perpetrated on the *Herald *writer.

Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated development, Brady posted the following message on his Facebook page this morning:

"It has taken me a few days to reflect on our SB loss as well as the great season our team had. There are many emotions when you come up short of your goal. And they are all part of learning and growing in this journey of life. Learning turns everything into a postitive. And the number one feeling I have had the past 4 days is gratitude. Gratitude to my teammates for the incredible effort given all season regardless of the challenges we faced. 
Gratitude toward my coaches for the effort and sacrifice they make to put us players in the best position to win.
Gratitude to the NEP organization for supporting us on our very challenging and difficult journey.
Gratitude to the Philadelphia Eagles team and organization for bringing out the best in us and being gracious winners (as well as congratulations on winning the championship)
Gratitude toward our fans who showed up every week to cheer us on and commit their time and energy and love and support to what our goals are.
And gratitude to my family and friends who continue to love and support my dreams.
Thank you all. I love you all. Best, Tom"

Quite a week it's been for the Patriots since dropping Super Bowl LII to the Eagles this past Sunday.

So, now it's on to the offseason and what comes next for New England. An ESPN blog post offers a list of priorities for the Patriots in the coming months, while another column insists that TE Rob Gronkowski is the top Patriots priority in 2018.

Finally, provides a roundup of what Detroit media are saying about the Lions new head coach, former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. If this week is any indication, it's going to be a busy offseason for New England. Enjoy the first football-free weekend of 2018!

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