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News Blitz 4/6: A holiday weekend of Patriots news

The 2015 NFL Draft is still three-plus weeks away and free agency has slowed to a crawl.

But there is still a smorgasbord of stories revolving around the Patriots and the NFL at the time when baseball is enjoying the convoy of coverage that comes with opening day.

The Boston Globe's Sunday football notes column breaks down the NFL's drug policy, among other topics. Speaking of baseball, Globe columnist Bob Ryan tries to argue that despite the Patriots success and dominant popularity, that baseball remains the greatest game of them all. Another Globe column brings up a pretty touchy topic, comparing Kentucky's NCAA basketball upset loss to the Patriots 2007 season.

*The Globe *also looks at how surprise calls from Patriots owner Robert Kraft are like winning the lottery for small New England charities.

Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly have displayed solid relationship in recent years and according to the Boston Herald the man now in full control of the Eagles is taking a Belichickian approach to his work in Philly. The Herald blog continues to take a pre-draft look at prospects with a breakdown of Virginia pass rusher Eli Harold.

The Providence Journal talks to James White's private workout coach as the second-year running back looks to take advantage of expected increased opportunities in 2015. kicks off a "beyond the first round" series look at latter-round prospects, getting things going with off-the-line linebacker possibilities. Mike Reiss brings forth his always-informative Sunday Patriots notes. profiles versatile Florida State offensive line prospect Cameron Erving, a popular Patriots target in many mock drafts at this early stage.'s version of Sunday notes analyzes how Rob Gronkowski has taken advantage of his post-Super Bowl offseason. (Hint: Despicable Me hat!)

According to the New York Daily News free agent running back Stevan Ridley left a visit with the Jets without a contract, but is still likely to leave New England and sign with either New York or the Dolphins. notes which teams have signed the most and fewest players in free agency this spring. It might surprise some fans where the Patriots fall on the list.

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