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News Blitz 5/20: Patriots, Robert Kraft to forgo appeal

As expected, the entire football world and most of the sports world was focused on the NFL meetings that opened up Tuesday outside of San Francisco.

That interest revolved around the league's ongoing Deflategate controversy. And Patriots owner Robert Kraft took the bull by the horns by holding a press briefing early yesterday afternoon in which he declared that he and his team would not appeal the punishment put forth by the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

A transcript of Kraft's decision can be found here, while full video of is here.

The Boston Globe breaks down Kraft's decision not to appeal. Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy says that Kraft choosing not to fight the league of which he is a faithful member was a sign that, "The battle is over, Patriot fans. And the war has been lost."

The* Globe* notes that the NFLPA will still proceed with its appeal of Tom Brady's punishment, and that it has formally asked for Goodell to recuse himself from the proceedings.

In actual football related news out of the NFL meetings, the league voted to move the line of scrimmage for PATs back to the 15. While a Globe notebook from California details the ongoing possibility that the Chargers and/or Raiders could move to L.A.

The Boston Herald quotes former Patriots left tackle Matt Light saying that he believes Kraft's decision was part of a deal to eliminate Brady's own four-game suspension. The Herald also has some other ex-Patriots struggling with the fact that their former team is "giving up" its fight.

"I didn't anticipate him giving up the fight on that one," Troy Brown told the Herald.

The Herald says it's stunning to see Kraft "cave to the NFL" but also that the owner "did the right thing." Either way, the Herald also accurately points out that Kraft must now "face angry Patriots fans." The Herald also has other NFL owners lauding Kraft's "smart" move to retreat.

The Providence Journal passes along Chandler Jones supporting his quarterback and owner in an appearance in Rhode Island on Tuesday. The paper also offers its news story on Kraft's press conference and decision not to appeal. relays that the Patriots hosted free agent CB Tarell Brown on a visit on Tuesday. offers a defense of Kraft, if he even needs it. CSNNE also says that Kraft "did the right thing for the wrong people" and that he "took the fight out of Patriots fans."

Pro Football Talk rumor and gossip collector Mike Florio appeared on WEEI's airwaves Wednesday morning and clearly believes that Kraft's decision came as part of some sort of deal with the NFL. looks at who might benefit from the PAT rules change, with Rob Gronkowski getting an honorable mention. The league site also passes along kickers and coaches reacting to the change.

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