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Patriots Unfiltered Tue Apr 13 | 11:55 AM - 02:00 PM

News Blitz 6/1: Brady appeal scheduled

Topping the world of Patriots news this Monday, we now have a date for QB Tom Brady's appeal of his NFL suspension, according to ESPN. has a column about Brady's public strategy to refrain from commenting on the matter of late.

There's also an interesting piece on the website, citing an unnamed longtime NFL QB, who blames the game officials for routinely tampering with footballs.

The Boston Herald also has a DeflateGate column, but this one focuses on head coach Bill Belichick's handling of the situation. The *Herald *also questions whether the Patriots might move safety/co-captain Devin McCourty back to his original position of cornerback.

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe, among others, caught up with TE Rob Gronkowski at his youth football clinic in Melrose, Mass. over the weekend. The Globe also has details about WR Julian Edelman's overseas vacation plans this summer.

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