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Nike makes triumphant return to the Patriots Draft war room

Yes, Nike was in the Patriots War Room. 

Everyone's favorite Patriots employee made his triumphant return Saturday night.

Though the Patriots 2021 Draft War Room was relatively back to normal after 2020, one major highlight of the Draft from home was Bill Belichick's dog, Nike, making his debut and thusly, breaking football Twitter.

After the Draft ended on Saturday, Patriots fans were treated to a surprise appearance: Nike, in the Patriots Gillette Stadium War Room.

"What do you think here in the seventh round," Coach Belichick asks, giving Nike a pat on the head. "Alright, got it."

Nike gives his best poker face, letting on nothing about his selection. Coach, on the other hand, gives a soft smile directly to the camera with Jim Halpert precision. It is perfect.

Name a better way to end the 2021 NFL Draft? We'll wait.

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