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Nike the Dog makes last-minute puparations ahead of Draft Weekend

The high-ranking Patriots coach/scout/associate is taking the upcoming NFL draft very seriously. 

An unexpected joy of the 2020 NFL Draft was the looks inside the homes of head coaches across the league. No one will forget Kliff Kingsbury's epic and pristine house that radiate "cool dude" vibes, but for Patriots fans, a certain pup stole the show entirely.

Panning to Bill Belichick's home in Nantucket, viewers were delighted to see the head coach's name on the lower third, but in Coach Belichick's place sat Nike, his adorable Alaskan Klee Kai. Hard at work at the kitchen table with two computers open, it was an instantly meme-able moment that is still hilarious.

After the Patriots free agency frenzy in March, the team's Twitter account simply posted the picture of Nike, and fans understood immediately.

With the NFL Draft war rooms will look closer to normal than the 2020 Draft, Nike will likely be at home rather than Gillette Stadium, but that doesn't mean he's not hard at work. On his Instagram page, Nike assumed the position in front of dual laptops again, but this time with a Magic 8 "Bill" Ball, for his final draft preparations.

Nike's burying his snout in scouting reports, and though it may be last-minute prep work, Nike is the best dog for the job.

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