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Patrick Chung shares his 'Iso' day-to-day with 'The Players' Tribune'

Scrabble, cooking, and push-ups: how Patrick Chung and his son are getting through self-isolation. 

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Those who are able to stay home and practice physical distancing, especially those with children, know there is an art to staying busy, and athletes are no different. "The Players' Tribune" kicked off a new series featuring athletes and how they are handling staying at home, and last week, Patrick Chung's story on "The Iso" gave fans an insight into how he and his son are spending their days.

For Chung and his son, Taj, it's all about staying busy and finding creative ways to do so. They've had push-up competitions and made a timed race around the house -- while carrying an egg on a spoon. From games of Scrabble to basketball, Chung makes it clear he's not taking it easy on his son in competition.

"I'm whoopin' on him the whole day in games — basketball outside, 2K, NHL. We give each other crap the whole time, but it's all love and it's hilarious," Chung wrote.

While there's a lot of creating their own entertainment, like so many of us, there is also concern.

"This is just one of those things where we don't really know what could happen. All you can do is follow the rules, hope for the best, and make sure your people have what they need and go from there," he wrote. "This is something where you can't be ignorant to what's going on in the world. Be smart. Don't think you're Superman, or think that this can't affect you or your family."

While in typical Chung fashion, there is humor in the entry, he also isn't afraid to get serious. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chung understands that things like football can wait.

"There's a lot more things in the world to be worried about, to be honest. We gotta be safe. Football is a job, it's a sport. It's done a lot for me. But at the same time, we got this thing going on, we have to make sure that everyone is safe," Chung wrote. "Football will be there when we get back, but we gotta make sure that everyone will be there to watch."

You can read the rest of "The Iso" here.

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