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Patriots hang with Justin Bieber in L.A.

Gronk and other players posed for photos with the pop star at the Clippers-Timberwolves game on Monday night.

Rob Gronkowski is the newest Belieber, at least if photos from Monday night's Los Angeles Clippers game are anything to go by.

With the team in San Diego prepping for Sunday's matchup against the Chargers, Gronk and four other players trekked up to L.A. to watch the Clippers defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves. After the game, Coach Doc Rivers invited the Patriots into the locker room, explaining, "We have a lot of Cowboys fans, I showed them what a football team looks like," according to ESPN writer Arash Markazi.

There was no explanation, though, as to why Justin Bieber was also in the locker room.

Regardless, Gronk and the Biebs were spotted mugging for the camera, along with Shane Vereen, Jonas Gray, Akeem Ayers and Darius Fleming.

The meet-and-greet now has some fans fearing for the Patriots, since a growing number of sports teams have suffered awful defeats after hanging with the pop star. Just a few weeks ago, the Steelers lost to the hapless Jets after bonding with Bieber at Bible study (really, it happened). Other recent victims include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and Chicago Blackhawks.

The Bieber curse is not confined by U.S. borders, either. Shortly after the singer showed his support for the normally dominant Spanish national soccer team, they suffered a humiliating loss to the Netherlands during the 2014 World Cup.

Come Sunday, we'll be counting on Gronk's superhuman powers to reverse this awful curse once and for all.

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