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Pats v Dolphins Gamebook Page 2

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots
10/10/2004 at Gillette Stadium
Ball Possession And Drive Chart
Miami Dolphins

# TimeRecdTimeLostTimePossHow BallObtainedDriveBegan#PlayYdsGainYdsPenNetYds1stDownLastScrmHowGiven Up
113:4512:141:31InterceptionNE 4731010NE 46Punt
210:4210:010:41PuntMIA 253-70-70MIA 18Interception
36:313:133:18KickoffMIA 276100101MIA 37Punt
413:3312:291:04KickoffMIA 2030-5-50MIA 15Punt
59:195:164:03Missed FGMIA 377585634NE 10Touchdown
64:463:151:31PuntMIA 4046060MIA 43Downs
70:360:000:36KickoffMIA 251-10-10MIA 25End of Half
815:0011:443:16KickoffMIA 22630-5251MIA 40Fumble
98:261:586:28KickoffMIA 3812510514NE 11Field Goal
100:2010:015:19PuntMIA 2512495543NE 21Downs
116:113:552:16PuntMIA 2511590594NE 16Downs
122:511:520:59PuntNE 465390391*NE 7Downs

(391) Average MIA 33
New England Patriots

# TimeRecdTimeLostTimePossHow BallObtainedDriveBegan#PlayYdsGainYdsPenNetYds1stDownLastScrmHowGiven Up
115:0013:451:15KickoffNE 3233030NE 35Interception
212:1410:421:32PuntNE 2037070NE 27Punt
310:016:313:30InterceptionMIA 307264304MIA 1Touchdown
43:1313:334:40PuntNE 3610420422MIA 22Field Goal
512:299:193:10PuntMIA 496200201MIA 29Missed FG
65:164:460:30KickoffNE 3030000NE 30Punt
73:150:362:39DownsMIA 4663115463MIA 5Touchdown
811:448:263:18FumbleMIA 486417483*MIA 1Touchdown
91:580:201:38KickoffNE 3033030NE 33Punt
1010:016:113:50DownsNE 21729-15141NE 35Punt
113:552:511:04DownsNE 1635050NE 21Punt
121:520:001:52DownsNE 73-30-30NE 5End of Game

(419) Average NE 35
* inside opponent's 20

Time of Possession by Quarter1st2nd3rd4thOTTotal
Visitor Miami Dolphins5:307:1410:048:1431:02
Home New England Patriots9:307:464:566:4628:58

Kickoff Drive No. - Start AverageDolphins: 5 - MIA 26Patriots: 3 - NE 31

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