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Pats v Dolphins Gamebook Page 7

Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium

1st Quarter
NE wins toss, elects to Receive, and MIA elects to defend the North goal.
83-W.Welker kicks 59 yards from MIA 30 to NE 11. 10-K.Kasper to NE 32 for 21 yards (56-D.Pope, 52-M.Greenwood). MIA 10-Mare has calf injury. Return is questionable.
New England Patriots at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:55)
1-10-NE 32(14:55) 28-C.Dillon left end pushed ob at NE 35 for 3 yards (29-S.Madison).
2-7-NE 35(14:26) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete to 87-D.Givens.
3-7-NE 35(14:22) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass to 87-D.Givens to MIA 45 for 20 yards (23-P.Surtain, 24-S.Knight).
Penalty on NE-63-J.Andruzzi, Offensive Holding, offsetting, enforced at NE 35 - No Play. Penalty on MIA-23-P.Surtain, Illegal Contact, offsetting.
3-7-NE 35(13:54) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass intended for 10-K.Kasper INTERCEPTED by 23-P.Surtain at NE 47. 23-P.Surtain to NE 47 for no gain (10-K.Kasper).
Miami Dolphins at 13:45
1-10-NE 47(13:45) 26-L.Henry up the middle to NE 45 for 2 yards (75-V.Wilfork, 94-T.Warren).
2-8-NE 45(13:10) 26-L.Henry right end to NE 46 for -1 yards (95-R.Phifer, 37-R.Harrison).
3-9-NE 46(12:26) (Shotgun) 9-J.Fiedler pass incomplete to 84-C.Chambers.
4-9-NE 46(12:22) 1-M.Turk punts 46 yards to end zone, Center-89-E.Perry, Touchback.
New England Patriots at 12:14
1-10-NE 20(12:14) 28-C.Dillon left guard to NE 26 for 6 yards (24-S.Knight, 54-Z.Thomas).
2-4-NE 26(11:41) 28-C.Dillon right guard to NE 27 for 1 yard (52-M.Greenwood, 24-S.Knight).
3-3-NE 27(10:57) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete to 28-C.Dillon.
4-3-NE 27(10:51) 8-Jo.Miller punts 40 yards to MIA 33, Center-66-L.Paxton. 83-W.Welker pushed ob at MIA 47 for 14 yards (35-P.Pass).
PENALTY on MIA-50-B.Ayanbadejo, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at MIA 35.
Miami Dolphins at 10:42
1-10-MIA 25(10:42) 9-J.Fiedler sacked at MIA 18 for -7 yards (93-R.Seymour).
2-17-MIA 18(10:14) 9-J.Fiedler pass incomplete to 86-M.Booker (75-V.Wilfork).
3-17-MIA 18(10:10) (Shotgun) 9-J.Fiedler pass intended for 88-D.Thompson INTERCEPTED by 21-R.Gay at MIA 40. 21-R.Gay to MIA 30 for 10 yards (88-D.Thompson).
New England Patriots at 10:01
1-10-MIA 30(10:01) 28-C.Dillon right end pushed ob at MIA 28 for 2 yards (23-P.Surtain).
2-8-MIA 28(9:32) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete to 87-D.Givens.
3-8-MIA 28(9:28) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass to 87-D.Givens pushed ob at MIA 16 for 12 yards (29-S.Madison).P1
1-10-MIA 16(8:55) 28-C.Dillon right tackle to MIA 14 for 2 yards (23-P.Surtain).
PENALTY on NE-63-J.Andruzzi, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at MIA 16 - No Play.
1-20-MIA 26(8:38) 28-C.Dillon right end to MIA 28 for -2 yards (54-Z.Thomas).
2-22-MIA 28(7:58) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete to 86-D.Patten.
PENALTY on MIA-27-W.Poole, Roughing the Passer, 14 yards, enforced at MIA 28 - No Play.X2
1-10-MIA 14(7:52) 28-C.Dillon up the middle to MIA 2 for 12 yards (24-S.Knight).R3
1-2-MIA 2(7:11) NE 50-Vrabel & 90-Klecko eligible. 28-C.Dillon right guard to MIA 1 for 1 yard (98-B.Robinson).
2-1-MIA 1(6:36) NE 50-Vrabel & 90-Klecko eligible. 12-T.Brady pass to 82-D.Graham for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.P4
Penalty on MIA-96-D.Bowens, Defensive Holding, declined.
4-A.Vinatieri extra point is GOOD, Center-66-L.Paxton, Holder-8-Jo.Miller.
MIA 0 NE 7, 7 plays, 30 yards, 1 penalty, 3:30 drive, 8:29 elapsed
4-A.Vinatieri kicks 70 yards from NE 30 to MIA 0. 83-W.Welker to MIA 27 for 27 yards (35-P.Pass, 30-J.Cherry).
Miami Dolphins at 6:31, (1st play from scrimmage 6:26)
1-10-MIA 27(6:26) 26-L.Henry up the middle to MIA 34 for 7 yards (37-R.Harrison, 59-R.Colvin).
2-3-MIA 34(5:54) 26-L.Henry left guard to MIA 36 for 2 yards (54-T.Bruschi, 75-V.Wilfork).
3-1-MIA 36(5:09) 9-J.Fiedler pass to 81-R.McMichael to MIA 39 for 3 yards (37-R.Harrison).P1
1-10-MIA 39(4:29) 9-J.Fiedler pass incomplete to 81-R.McMichael.
2-10-MIA 39(4:24) 9-J.Fiedler sacked at MIA 29 for -10 yards (75-V.Wilfork).
3-20-MIA 29(3:52) (Shotgun) 9-J.Fiedler pass to 88-D.Thompson to MIA 37 for 8 yards (21-R.Gay, 24-T.Law).
4-12-MIA 37(3:20) 1-M.Turk punts 36 yards to NE 27, Center-89-E.Perry. 33-K.Faulk to NE 36 for 9 yards (31-S.Morris).
New England Patriots at 3:13
1-10-NE 36(3:13) 28-C.Dillon left tackle to NE 41 for 5 yards (54-Z.Thomas).
2-5-NE 41(2:40) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete to 10-K.Kasper.
3-5-NE 41(2:32) 12-T.Brady pass to 87-D.Givens to NE 49 for 8 yards (21-A.Edwards).P5
1-10-NE 49(1:56) 12-T.Brady sacked at NE 42 for -7 yards (94-D.Romero).
2-17-NE 42(1:28) 28-C.Dillon up the middle to NE 46 for 4 yards (99-J.Taylor, 91-J.Williams).
3-13-NE 46(:45) (Shotgun) 12-T.Brady pass to 86-D.Patten to MIA 26 for 28 yards (29-S.Madison, 20-A.Freeman).P6
1-10-MIA 26(:02) 35-P.Pass right end to MIA 25 for 1 yard (21-A.Edwards, 55-J.Seau).
ScoreTimeFirst DownsEfficiences
Quarter SummaryPossRPXT3Down4Down
Miami Dolphins05:3001011/40/0
New England Patriots79:3014163/50/0

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