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Peyton Manning shares funny anecdote about Mac Jones not checking his phone during the week on MNF

Peyton Manning tells a story of how Mac Jones took days to respond to a text on the ManningCast Monday night. 

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The Patriots didn't just get the primetime Monday Night Football treatment on Dec. 6 against the Bills. The game also shown on the ManningCast, a hit this season starring Peyton and Eli Manning.

With guests like David Letterman, Aqib Talib, and Joe Buck, there were great anecdotes, but the banter between Peyton and Eli on its own is worth the watch, including a story about Mac Jones and his sporadic cell phone usage. As it turns out, Jones joins a small club of people in their early 20s who lets their phone be.

Peyton said he broke down Jones's performance, and he reached out, quarterback to quarterback, to see if he thought the analysis was fair.

"I texted it to him, and I say, 'Mac tell me if I'm way off on anything. Tell me if you don't like anything,'" Peyton said. "That was on a Wednesday. He responded back on Friday, and he says, 'Peyton, I don't check my phone during the week. I'm sorry I'm just now getting back to you. I watched it. It's all good.'"

Despite his text going unread for a few days, Peyton said he was more impressed than anything.

"That's pretty cool. That's not normal for a 22-year old not to be checking their phone during the week, but it's paying off for him for sure," Peyton said.

While Peyton took this moment as a sign of how dedicated Jones is to his craft, Eli did as brothers do and took this anecdote as a chance to dunk on his brother.

"Stop bothering the guy during the preparation. You got Monday Night Football. He does not want to watch you talk about and analyze him," Eli said. "Stop. He's got real film to watch. Don't bother this kid. Leave him a voice memo and get out of his way. Wish him luck. Stop trying to take up his time. He's got to watch Bill's film."

You can watch the full moment in the clip below.

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