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Red Sox roll into Gillette Stadium to celebrate on a duck boat

The Red Sox celebrations continued at the Patriots game on Sunday night. 

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One week after clinching the World Series victory over the Dodgers, the Red Sox aren't done celebrating, and with the Sunday night lights shining, they rode the duck boats all the way to Foxborough.

Literally. There was actually a duck boat at Gillette Stadium.

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This is how you make an entrance.

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World Series Most Valuable Player Steve Pearce, Brock Holt, J.D. Martinez, Ryan Braiser, Manager Alex Cora, Assistant Hitting Coach Andy Barkett, Owner John Henry and President Sam Kennedy all rode the duck boat onto the sidelines and made their way out to the midfield, trophy in hand.

"It's going to be awesome. It's my first time at Gillette Stadium and I'm excited just to be here and watch a game here, let alone show off our trophy here," Martinez said before the pregame ceremony. "It's going to be really exciting."

After being named the World Series MVP, Pearce said he wanted to earn the title so he would be invited to a Patriots game and meet Robert Kraft and Jon Bon Jovi. Though Jon Bon Jovi wasn't in town for the game, Steve got his wish.

"To watch Rodgers and Brady on the same field is going to be awesome. That was kind of the goal," Pearce said. "Let's finish on top and let's go watch the Patriots."

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Throughout the Red Sox postseason run, the guys had support from their fellow Boston athletes, including the Patriots, and on Sunday, they were able to celebrate their successes together. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for a picture with Cora. The Patriots No. 12 met the Red Sox No. 12, and Mr. Kraft greeted the whole group.

Since last Sunday, the Red Sox have celebrated with a rolling rally through Boston, at a Celtics game and in Puerto Rico, and Martinez said the excitement from fans has been incredible.

"It's been awesome. I wasn't expecting it because I've never seen it, but seeing it at the Celtics game and at the parade especially. There is so much love for Boston teams here," he said. "I've never seen that in any place I've ever been. Everywhere you go here, everyone knows who you are, recognizes you right away. There's so much love for their teams. It's cool to be a part of that."

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With the region's 11th championship since the turn of the century, Boston sports fans have been lucky, and the athletes playing in this era recognize the moment, as well.

"I got the privilege to see the faithful during the duck boat tour, and it was awesome. There was just fan after fan after fan," Pearce said. "To bring the championship home to Boston, to see the love you hear about from everybody too, the Patriots or the Celtics, I'm glad we're keeping the tradition going."

Job done. Damage done.

You can check out more photos in the gallery below.

The New England Patriots honored the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox pregame at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 4, 2018. In attendance was World Series MVP Steve Pearce, Brock Holt, J.D. Martinez, Ryan Braiser, Manager Alex Cora, Assistant Hitting Coach Andy Barkett, Owner John Henry and President Sam Kennedy.

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