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Remembering the Patriots on Letterman


There's no denying that David Letterman has had an impressive career; some may even call him the G.O.A.T. of late night TV. Over 33 years, he's interviewed everyone from presidents to movie stars and, yes, many Super Bowl champions, including your Patriots. 

Most recently, Coach Belichick had the honor of sitting down with Dave, who is saying goodbye to television audiences with his final episode of the "Late Show" tonight.  

In February, the two chatted about the highlights of Super Bowl XLIX and, in true Letterman fashion, they had a few laughs too. Coach, who was welcomed to the New York-based show with a mix of cheers and jeers, joked that he could "hear the Jets fans" in the audience. He also put on his best press conference poker face as Dave badgered him about Deflategate.

But Dave's ability to tap into Coach's sense of humor is nothing new. Back in 2004, after the Patriots claimed their second Super Bowl championship, he did just the same. When Dave brought up the wardrobe malfunction seen 'round the world – during Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's half-time performance – Coach came out with one of his best lines ever.

"We didn't see [it]. We were in the locker room.... Nobody kept us abreast of that," Bill explained.

The following year, it was Tom Brady who visited Dave at the Ed Sullivan Theater, but Coach Belichick was still a big part of the conversation.

"On the sidelines the guy is dressed like a Sherpa," Dave quipped. "What is the deal with the thing? Is it some sort of sect?"

Despite praising Bill's football expertise, Tom was quick to poke fun at his coach's unique sense of style.

"And game day is when he usually pulls out his best stuff," TB12 told Dave. "If you see what he looks like on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – he walks in and everybody looks at him and goes, 'What is he wearing?'"

In addition to Tom Brady and Coach Belichick, many other Patriots have visited the "Late Show with David Letterman" over the years, including Adam Vinatieri, who appeared on the program in February 2002 after the Patriots first Super Bowl victory. And in 2005, just a few days before the team would earn its third Lombardi Trophy, a group of players including Deion Branch, Tedy Bruschi and Matt Light helped present one of Dave's famous top 10 lists, according to IMDB.

Check out clips from Coach Belichick's and Tom Brady's "Late Show" appearances below.


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